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Biking with baby

Hello! Are you here because you’re looking for information on biking with your kids? Welcome!

I’m a relative newbie myself. I biked until my 38th week of pregnancy (as did many of these other women), and then I took my time getting back on a bike. Once my daughter turned ten months old, we got an iBert bike seat (pictured above) and started riding together on a regular basis. Most of my daily commutes with her are by bike. Once temperatures dropped (we live in Iowa, our winters are serious business), I acquired a Burley trailer to continue our bike commutes with added wind, rain, and snow protection.

I’m still figuring things out as I go but one thing I know is that we both love our time spent on a bike.

Below are some of my reference and how-to posts on biking with kids that you might find helpful as well as guest posts by other (often far more experienced) biking parents. For the more general, everyday posts chronicling our bike commutes together, see the Biking with Kids archives.

I hope the conversation started here will inspire you to bike with your kids or to offer your insights into biking with kids based on your experiences!

Leave a comment on any of the posts below or contact me if you’d like to add your voice to the discussion!


Daily Commutes With My Daughter:

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Biking With Kids On Vacation:

Biking with baby on the High Trestle Trail in Central Iowa

Biking with baby in Portland, Oregon


Guest Posts By Other Cycling Mamas And Papas:

Interview with biking mama Elle Bustamante of Tiny Helmets Big Bikes

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Parents Reviewing Their Child-Carrying Bike Systems:

The iBert child seat vs. the Burley trailer (by me)

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High Trestle Trail Ride in Iowa

{Ride on!}


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