travel with kids

Travel with children Travel with children

In the summer of 2012, we embarked on a seven week, five country vacation with our not-yet-one year old. To prepare, I researched travel tips and advice from parents who’ve undertaken similar adventures and have posted them below. I’m working on a number of posts detailing our packing strategies, our lessons learned, and our impressions on traveling with a baby.

We loved to travel before we had a child and this experience has taught us that while different, travel with a child is equally — if not more — rewarding and exciting. No need to store that passport away. Have kids? You can still travel!

Travel with children Travel with children

Travel with children Travel with children

Do you have questions, tips, or resources to share? Contact me at simplybikeATgmailDOTcom.

Travel Preparations and What To Pack:

Four countries, three weeks: {the flight}

On bedtimes and naps {question to readers}

A great resource site: Around the World with a Two Year Old

Travel with kids: an ongoing list of helpful resources

Packing made light for a week in San Francisco

Flying with a toddler: a little in-flight entertainment trick

Kidco Peapod Travel Bed Review

US Travel:

In San Francisco: Doing the things we love to do at home

Des Moines: A picnic in the John and Mary Pappajohn sculpture park

The SFMoMA and why museums make the perfect kid destinations

Farmers markets as great kid destinations (Ohio)

Two things we love for traveling with a toddler

Europe Travel:

Prague: The view from our window and review of Hotel Rott 

Munich: Vits, a child friend cafe for everyone to enjoy

General Musings on Travel with Children:

Why I travel with my child too young to remember the trip

Travel with baby: the benefits of breastfeeding

{this page is still a work in progress and more posts are still to come. check back often!}


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