I’m raising my child bilingually (Romanian and English) and would like to at some point introduce a third language (German). I’ve found that hearing from other parents, who are raising bilingual or multilingual children, has helped motivate and inspire me with this process. As a result, I have curated a series of “parent profiles” on the subject of bilingual parenting. The focus of this series is not so much on the results or on the theoretical aspect of bilingual and multilingual parenting (this is not a question of what methodology works best) but rather on the practical implementation of multilingual parenting on an everyday basis.

When first researching this topic while pregnant with our daughter, I came across scores of texts debating the advantages of one method over another or discussing the psychological benefits of raising bilingual children. Those texts were helpful and inspiring but often lacked the voices of real parents struggling with this process in non-textbook day to day events. I hope that hearing from different families, each with unique parenting styles and in unique cultural and linguistic situations, will provide insight on how this thing actually works.

I hope you enjoy the contributing voices featured below as well as my previous posts on this subject matter in the bilingual parenting archives found here.

Are you a parent raising your child(ren) in more than one language and as part of more than one culture? Contact me if you’d like to share your story!


Bilingual Parenting: Val {French and English}

Bilingual Parenting: Ann {German and English}

Multilingual Parenting: Paula {Spanish, English, Catalan}

Multilingual Parenting: Vanessa {French, English, Spanish, ASL}

Bilingual Parenting: Hannie & Rinskje {Dutch and Frysk}

Bilingual Parenting: Desirée {Spanish and English}

Bilingual Parenting: Bobbie {German and English}

Bilingual Parenting: K. {Hebrew and English} 

Bilingual Parenting: Kate {German and English} 

Multilingual Parenting: D. {Spanish, English, Greek}

Multilingual parenting: Preeti {English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada}

Multilingual parenting: Annabelle {French, Portugese, English, German}

Multilingual parenting: Marlène {French, English, Italian}

Bilingual parenting: Halina {German and English}

Bilingual parenting: Anne {Norwegian and English}


On growing up bilingual…

Angi {Persian, Armenian, and English} 

Timur {Turkish and English}


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