bike 101

Bike Maintenance:

How to oil your bicycle chain and what to use

Everything I’ve learned about owning vintage bikes (in one post)

The Dilettante’s Guide to Buying a Bike on a Grad Student Budget

How to adjust your shifter cables

Beware of loose and dangly things

Locating the serial number on a vintage Raleigh bike

Steel vs. aluminum wheels

Shiny new brakes that wail (and what to do)

Anatomy of a bike (name that bike part!)

Bike Commuting:

Bike to Work in Your Work Clothes (The Annotated Guide)

The Dilettante’s Guide to Buying a Bike on a Grad Student Budget

How to find a bike community in a new town

What to do when you forgot your bike lock

Decorating your bike for Spring (or any other season)

7 bike-friendly hairstyles for Spring (or any other season)

Easy DIY spoke cards with fall leaves 

What makes a bike commuter?

How to ride a roadbike in skirt and heels

Cycling in your work clothes: the short distance commute

Cycling at night

Cycling in the rain & bike seat covers

Finding the right size bike for you

Cycling Safety and Sharing the Road

Grocery Shopping by Bike

Biking with Kids:

Biking with Baby: Baby’s first bike ride!

Biking with baby: the contents of my bike basket

Biking with the iBert bike seat vs. the Burley trailer (Pros & Cons)

How to organize a Kidical Mass ride in your community

Finding a well-fitting bike helmet for babies and toddlers

Bike Dates with my Daughter

Bike Travel:

Renting bikes while on vacation (Colorado)

Renting bikes while on vacation (Prague)

Biking Chicago in November

Biking {with baby} while on vacation on Portland, Oregon

Bike date route tips for Wine Country, Oregon

 Biking on the High Trestle Trail in Central Iowa

IMG_1199 yellow bike

Happy cycling!


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  2. Stacy says:

    I just organized a class called Bike 101 that is being offered here on Friday. I will be including this link on the invitations and resource page! Always a step ahead, thank you.

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  6. Handy information and facts. Lucky us I ran across your site by chance, with this particular amazed why the following collision didn’t taken place ahead of time! My partner and i added this.

  7. So many info about bikes, good job ;)

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