Naples, Florida

Hi, and welcome to Simply Bike!

I go by “S” and I like in beautiful Iowa, where I share a home with my husband, our daughter, a very energetic dog, and a garage full of bikes.

I started this site in the summer of 2010 when I began bike commuting on a daily basis. I was new to transporation cycling and my primary goal was to chronicle the joys and challenges of bike commuting in a regular American town while looking for a community of like-minded people with whom to swap stories. You can find the many bike-related posts that came out of a year of obsessively cycling, come hail or snow, on my Bike 101 page.

Then I had a baby. And wrote a dissertation.

This blog changed somewhat as my life absorbed these monumental milestones. My cycling slowed down while my daughter was too young to travel by bike (we started her in an iBert bike seat at 10 months old) and I began to write more about my life as a parent and a struggling academic in addition to posts about cycling.

I now spend my days teaching part-time at the university, taking care of our daughter, writing in the evenings, cycling everywhere I can, running when the mood strikes, and daydreaming about travel.

Thank you for joining me here and being a part of the conversation. And please leave a comment and say hello!


Simply Bike has been featured in Momentum Magazine and voted a Top 25 Biking Families blog by Circle of Moms.


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