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Bike Date Thursdays

The Simply {Bike Dates} Series features outings by bike from all across the US, Canada, and Europe. See how people all around the world are enjoying romantic outings, evenings with friends, or afternoons with families on two wheels…


♥ a tendem bike named gilbert: bike date in san francisco

♥ dave and trina: bike date in portland

♥ let’s go on a picnic: bike date in wisconsin

♥ tania and christopher: bike dates around the country

♥ kaitlyn and brett: bike date in brooklyn

♥ julie and matt: doomsday bike date (in nyc)

♥ kara et al: a family bike date in utah

♥ wendi and courtney: bike date in the dallas arts district

♥ h & s: bike date at the cupcakerie (midwest)

♥ april and alberto: wedding anniversary by bike (chicago)

n & e’s firefly-lit picnic (midwest)

erica and andy: bike date in new hampshire

bill and christine: sailing & biking in chicago

bike dates with my daughter (iowa)

bobbie & paul: a fall bike date (iowa)

♥ a shared bike date for new parents h & j


a double {bike} date in alberta, canada

bike date with a view in edmonton, canada



evelyn and jon: honeymoon bike date in the french countryside

the 600 km bike date from netherlands to germany

franca and dave: bike date in edinburgh, scotland

louise and piers: bike date along the danube (germany)


More bike dates to come, check back often.

Want to contribute to the series? Drop me a line!


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