on to new adventures

Goodbye 2013 and goodbye Simply Bike. It’s been a great year of bike rides and 3 1/2 great years of blogging. I’m not sure what’s to come, I’m still searching for some creative outlet to replace blogging but I’m also just excited to focus on my family, volunteering more in our community, biking, returning to running and yoga, and learning to take better photos for our own record keeping. With two kids under the age of three and a full time job I’ll be returning to in January, I’m not sure that there is much room for anything else in my life right now.

Thank you to all who’ve read and commented on my blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter. I’ve made so many great friends this way and I’m glad to have been part of this online community.






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{Bikes, a new baby, and the story of us.}
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10 Responses to on to new adventures

  1. Another one bites the dust :(. Will certainly miss Simply Bike. But, I’m so happy our blogs brought us together. Looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing you whenever we return to Iowa!

  2. G.E. says:

    It can be so difficult to try to maintain so many aspects of life, no matter how much one enjoys blogging. Your plate is certainly full, and while your presence in the online sphere will be missed, I have no doubt you are doing what you believe is best for you and your family. All the best to you in the pursuit of new, fun, and exciting adventures! :O)

  3. Neha Sharma says:

    This is my first time to read your blog posts but i think you should not to leave your blogging because it is an important part of our social life. Anyways……..choice is yours………..

  4. Farrah says:

    Oh Sandra! I’m so sorry that it took your last comment on my blog for me to pop in and check on you. This post makes me sad- but you know, I get it. I don’t even work outside of the house and there are times where I just want to give up and say meh.

    But then I realize that the reason why I blog is for my family, to document our day to day- or week to week, and even though right now it’s almost drudgery in 15 or 20 years I will be SO GLAD that I have this to look back on and share with their significant others. Maybe their kids! Oh how funny.

    But I get it. I’m sorry you’re leaving, but maybe a hiatus is just waiting for inspiration?

  5. Heather says:

    Life goes on, you pedal down another path! May I request that you keep the site up and running? I send so many pregnant mamas this direction for information on biking, pregnancy and traveling with kids. It’d be a shame to have this collection of stories and resources disappear!

    • Wicklife says:

      , Howdy! We replied back with Hi, but it took a split sneocd for me to realize: Wait a minute we are on an interstate and the last exit was many miles ago, and he is on a bicycle!! We made our way into the visitors center and found you. Ours was a very brief chance meeting, but you and your journey will stick with me for a very long time. I wish you all the best for the last leg of your trip, and continued happiness in your life. ~~Janine Ferren

  6. Raena says:

    Thanks for sharing your life for so many years. What initially drew me to your blog was your photos. Also, being in academia and pursuing your doctorate was very inspiring to me as I have often thought about doing the same. I am not much of a bike rider but you made bike riding so interesting with the featured bike dates and even more amazing, biking while pregnant. I also enjoyed how you can share your love of biking with family. I am a runner and I loved your running posts as well as the posts about being pregnant and pregnant and running and so on and so forth. You have a beautiful family and I send good luck, peace and blessings your way! Thanks again for everything!!! :)

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  8. Aron says:

    I’ll miss your blog, wish you the best in your future.

  9. chichaitsai says:

    Best wishes! I always imagined that cycling blogs would eventually run out of things to talk about. I am grateful for all the info and tips you’ve shared here. Thank you!

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