“how long will you keep biking?”

Cycling at 19 weeks {biking to a friend’s party at 19 weeks pregnant}

“How long will you keep biking?” – asked a friend recently on my Facebook wall after I posted a picture of my big pregnant belly at 20 weeks. The answer: I don’t know. For however long it will feel good, I guess.

With my first pregnancy, I biked until my 38th week and then decided I was done. It wasn’t my legs or my lack of balance, it was the overwhelming feeling of breathlessness that finally got me to retire my bike until about two months post partum. I never suffered any loss of balance and for the most part found biking to actually be easier than walking. But the increased shortage of breath finally did me in.

With this pregnancy, I’m already feeling short of breath all the time. Who thought it was a good idea to move into a two-story home while pregnant? Those stairs kill me every time! I can’t even remember what it’s like to not be panting through conversations. But all that aside, I can still manage to walk, bike, and swim on a regular basis each week. Slowly and not very gracefully, I assure you.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep biking, I just know that it still feels right. It still feels like an easier way of covering the few blocks to get downtown or to the grocery store and it still fits into my routine. It’s always harder when I have to pull the trailer with a toddler but thankfully my husband has assumed toddler-trailing duties anytime we ride together.

This weekend I plan on participating in our monthly Kidical Mass ride, which I organize for our community. I hope to continue riding in a few more rides to come, especially since I have a fun idea for October’s Halloween ride (about a month before my due date, we’ll see if I can make it?)

Staying active during pregnancy is not always easy. Some days I just feel very tired and only want to curl up and sleep the day away. But the alternative to moving is much worse. Days spent sitting too long are usually the ones that leave me with restless legs (a condition I suffer from regularly but that is always exacerbated by pregnancy) and feeling somehow more tired than before. So I get up and try to work some kind of physical activity into most days, allowing for a slower pace and a more forgiving route. For how much longer? Who knows, I guess the answer will continue to be: for however long this feels good.

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6 Responses to “how long will you keep biking?”

  1. So impressed with your activity! Riding made me so nervous when I was pregnant. I wish I had friends like you then for motivation! I can remember dragging myself out for my daily evening walk. What takes me 20 minutes now took me 45-60 minutes at the end of my pregnancy. But, I agree, it always felt better to do it than not do it. Keep it up!

    • Margarita says:

      Nobody likes the idea of having pploee providing security or guidance or designated for that. It just goes against the SJBP organizational culture and against cycling culture as a community. Riding is free as in beer, and free as in speech. Everyone rides their own ride.But you won’t find a single notable cultural construct that did not have some institutionalized idea of the heavy .The heavies can be male or female, young or old, but in all cases they will stand their ground to preserve something of value to the community. Without the heavy in some evidence nothing is preserved. Without the heavy, even small children could have set Rome ablaze at the very outset.That’s all I’m going to say on the subject. I will neither promote nor defend the idea further. It’s something individuals have to get on their own, and they do right away or else they never do. And that’s not my business.

  2. anniebikes says:

    As you know, every pregnancy is different and every home situation is unique. Non exercising friends are concerned because they may not understand how important it is to your well-being to move, even with a cumbersome body, especially if it still feels good. Enjoy quality time with your daughter.

    • Delma says:

      I would rank you a beginner (rookie) maybe low amteuar low. You wanna work to 30 miles a day if you can. Start out at 15 miles a day at an average 15-20mph. You’ll know your a good biker when you can do 30+ miles with an average speed of 15-20mph with ease.hope i helped

  3. Connie says:

    good for you! Keep on going. I find these posts very inspirational.

  4. Mama Bicycle says:

    Hi I have seem many pregnant women work at office even though the babies were almost out from the mothers. Women(‘s bodies) are strong, right? However, take care. Enjoy biking for your good exercise. Ah, I am serious to send a mama bicycle to you and two of your children. I will e-mail you to tell about the detail. :)

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