organizing a “books and bikes” ride for our community

Books and Bikes flier

For July’s Kidical Mass ride, I wanted to do something special. I’ve also been really excited to see so many Little Free Libraries pop up all over our town. The best way to experience a Little Free Library is on foot or by bike because it allows you to just walk or ride up to it, open it up and inspect its contents, peruse some book, and walk off when you’re done. When driving, you’re less likely to spot these gems and even less likely to look for a parking spot and pull over when you’re moving past them at a much higher speed. Since Little Free Libraries and bike rides seem made for each other, it didn’t take long for me to think of the “Books and Bikes” tour as a special themed Kidical Mass ride.

Little Free Library

I was also excited to introduce more kids in the area to the concept since these are new additions to our community and I’m not sure how many kids and parents know how they work or that they can freely help themselves to a book or two, hopefully donating or trading a book or two of their own in exchange.

Once the idea ws born, I had to solicit the help of my good friend S. who runs our Baby Toddler Book Club. She’s brilliant at making books come alive for children and thinks up the best activities and crafts to go with our reading choices (just check out our book club site to see what I mean). S. quickly agreed to help out and plan a reading and activity at the park to conclude our ride. After a 2-3 mile ride during which we’ll stop at three Little Free Libraries, we’ll finish with a reading of “Duck on a Bike” by David Shannon at a park and a bike-themed craft or activity for the kids. (I’ll post details on what we did after the ride!)

Little Free Library

I’m really excited about this ride and being able to combine two loves: books and bikes! To make sure that lots of families know about it, I put together a special flier (separate from our regular Kidical Mass flier) and distributed it throughout the community. I asked our local children’s librarians to help me promote the event and posted it on the facebook walls of several local bike shops. We’re also relying on good ol’ “word of mouth” to advertise it. S. helped promote it within her circle of friends and I also posted about it on our Kidical Mass website, our Facebook page, and other related community pages on FB. I decided against printing the flier and distributing it manually in order to save money and paper and because I’m pretty confident in the use of social media to spread the information.

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Now we just have to wait and hope that we’ll have nice weather for our ride and story hour. Meanwhile, C. and I have been reading “Duck on a Bike” almost every night at bedtime and it’s quickly become a favorite. It offers lots of opportunities for interaction as we wave and say hello to each animal Duck encounters along with Duck, as she greets them all and the large and colorful illustrations really capture her attention. I highly recommend it for toddlers!

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5 Responses to organizing a “books and bikes” ride for our community

  1. Soooo cool! Denver has a program called One Book, One Denver and this year it was a kid’s book. Any child in the city of Denver got a free copy – and it was Duck on a Bike! Love that book! Wish we could ride along.

  2. Erin says:

    This is such a cool event! I’ve long admired your leadership for the Kidical Mass rides and this is something truly memorable. Also, I was stunned at the mention of “Duck on a Bike”, I randomly picked it up at the library this morning and Izaak (20 months) loved reading it!

    Well done!

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