this is 30

Life is so so good right now. I don’t want anything to change. Inspired by Lindsey’s post “this is thirty eight,” I thought I’d capture these moments, always fleeting, always so quick to pass, to one day remember just how good things are. So here is my list, my “this is thirty” time capsule…

This is 30.

Thirty is buying our dream home and settling into the life domestic.

Thirty is thinking about dinner and doing laundry and planning snacks and always making sure to carry a sippy cup and spare diapers in my purse.

Thirty is a continuous fight against all the grey hairs populating my temples and springing up in the part of my hair.

Thirty is carrying our second child to be brought into this world.

Thirty is watching our daughter become more and more independent, learning to voice her needs and wants, and developing her own spirited and beautiful personality.

Thirty is knowing that I married the best person for me.

Thirty is missing many friends scattered all over the world and wishing I had a lot more money to travel.

Thirty is not knowing what to wear as my body changes every day and nothing seems to ever fit right.

Thirty is filling out dozens of job applications and wondering when this will end.

Thirty is learning to garden and loving every minute of it.

Thirty is looking forward to afternoons spent planning flowers while listening to audio books.

Thirty is missing nights spent dancing and partying with friends but knowing that there’s no way in hell I’d have the energy or stamina to start my night at 10pm now.

Thirty is sleeping through the night and appreciating every sweet moment of it before the next newborn takes that away.

Thirty is having three little letters after my name (PhD) that seem to make zero difference in my daily life as mother, wife, friend, daughter, and writer.

Thirty is feeling like we’re on the cusp of something great with still so much of life ahead of us.

Thirty is walking to the grocery store and the post office and biking to yoga and to the park.

Thirty is missing my running routine and hoping that I will one day run a marathon again.

Thirty is waking up between 6 and 7 am each morning when our toddler wakes up and the dog hears us shift in bed and starts whining to be taken outside.

Thirty is waiting for our new yard to get fenced in and walking our dog three times a day, marveling at the beauty of our new neighborhood.

Thirty is still feeling insecure about my cooking and stressing out each time we invite someone over for dinner.

Thirty is having a little more spending power but still feeling guilty about most purchases made.

Thirty is surrounding ourselves with good friends and craving community.

Thirty is knowing fairly certainly that this will be the last time I will look down and see a pregnant belly.

Thirty is biking to the pool and walking laps in the lazy river.

Thirty is watching my husband’s career take off while mine is still very much a work in progress.

Thirty is learning to compromise more, to bite my tongue more often, to be more patient, to be more compassionate, and to judge less.

Thirty is the end of my twenties, which were mostly awesome, sometimes terrible, often chaotic, always exciting, and usually set to the backdrop of gorgeous European cities. Thirty is the beginning of family, children, our home, togetherness, roots, and happiness.

What about you? What does this year look like for you?

{More photos of our everyday life here: Iowa}

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18 Responses to this is 30

  1. Lindsey says:

    What a wonderful list! It is so evocative of your life right now. I love it. Thank you for sharing! xox

  2. I loved this post and hearing about how 30 is for you. It is interesting how an entire decade can be categorized as growth and career building. I think my 30s will be much of that as I’m heading back to school this fall for a masters. I may have to steal the idea and do something like this on my blog.

  3. Renee says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring list. So wonderful and rings true. I am turning 40 this year…you have inspired me to take stock and perhaps make a similar list when the time comes.

    Take care, enjoy your pregnancy and happy cycling :)

    • Vitalia says:

      One project that I’d like to do this sumemr is a series of fine quality photographic portraits of the cyclists of Bremen. I’d like to set up a portrait studio on a busy corner, where cyclists can just pedal in on their bike, pose for a portrait in front of a studio screen and with studio lighting, leave their contact details and move on. You see so many well dressed, and often beautiful (especially in sumemr) cyclists there, I think to bring such an exhibition to Darlington would shock the majority of our citizens – that kind of sense of identity as a cyclist is very rare here.

  4. You inspired me to make my own list – although it’s related to a specific topic. It was a great exercise to take stock and be grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had over the past few years.

  5. Dottie says:


    A few of them made me laugh out loud, like having more spending power but feeling guilty about purchases and not being able to start the night at 10 p.m. So true! Although from my advanced age of 31.5, you’re still just a baby. ;)

  6. Ruth says:

    I really like this way of remembering and taking stock.

    On a frivolous note, because you mentioned the greying hair and I remember from last time you were pregnant choosing not to dye it, I don’t know where you’re at with that now, but have you tried henna? Lush makes a dark brown henna… it’s messier and more involved but I’ve been really pleased with it as an alternative. I finely grate it before mixing and put it on at night and sleep with it on to get the richest color (head plastic-wrapped and towelled!).

    • S. says:

      Ruth, so I caved about a week before I gave birth last time and bought a “natural” dye from our co-op that said it didn’t have any of the harsh chemicals of regular dye. Not henna though. I spent my teen years using henna and just remember that smell and the mess! Not sure I have it in me to use it while pregnant and with my heightened sense of smell right now. This time, I didn’t last as long – I dyed those pesky whites as soon as I made it out of the first trimester and will likely touch it up again soon. I just feel like I look so old when I pull my hair pack and it’s all grey around my face. I did some more reading about it and it does seem that there’s no known corelation between harm to the baby and dying one’s hair, but just to be sure, one should wait until after the first trimester. So that’s what I did. I really wish I could rock the grey like some women do but it just doesn’t feel right for me. Thanks for the henna tip though!

  7. Bryna says:

    Great list! This makes me wish I had a space to write my own. And thanks for sharing “this is thirty eight.” Since I have to admit that I’m closer to that age than yours, a lot of the bittersweet observations about aging and emotions, hit home. The thirties are an amazing time for self reflection and growth!

    • S. says:

      Any chance of starting a space to write (publicly?) I would love to hear your observations on motherhood, academia, and life in general in your new locale! I was sad to see your last blog come to an end just as I was starting parenthood and your posts took on new meaning for me. Would love to see you write again!

      • Bryna says:

        I think about it a lot actually, but have been trying to focus my creative energy on the dissertation. But I could probably be convinced…lots of thoughts always rambling through my head! :) My brother and I have also talked about writing a blog about ‘rural diaspora’ – we both have a lot of complicated emotions about coming from the rural midwest and leaving it for urban living. He’s also gay so that adds to the mix. If one starts up I’ll let you know!

        • simplybike says:

          Yes, please do! I’d love to read your thoughts and your blog idea if your brother sounds fascinating! Would definitely be interested in reading that!

  8. Rita says:

    “Thirty is still feeling insecure about my cooking and stressing out each time we invite someone over for dinner.” – ahah! So true!!

    Thanks for sharing! Quite a good way to remind yourself in years to come!

  9. Elena says:

    Belatedly read this lovely post! Hoping to have many similar reflections in a few years when I hit 30. I love following you on Instagram now, just as I did on academichic years ago, and just wanted to congratulate you on the baby boy to come! Such an exciting time for your family, & it’s fun to see glimpses of it. :)

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