Summer Art Fair

“We could get a donkey for a hundred bucks,” says my husband while perusing Craigslist. “That’s about as much as we’d spend on a bike.” It’s true, the price of said donkey seems surprisingly affordable and we’ve certainly shelled out more on biking expenses, but even so, I think I’ll stick to my transportation on two wheels over four legs. Although I’m sure the latter would have made quite the statement at the downtown art fair this weekend.

So no donkey. But there was an art fair in our little downtown area this weekend and I did go peruse it with my bike, Mojito. All along the sidewalks of our little downtown area sellers set up tables with jewelry, pottery, home goods, and crafts. Local shops also brought out their inventory, giving the sale a bit of a flea market feel with the discounted racks of clothing and table of clearance goods. I snatched a skirt for $1, you can’t beat that.

I loved riding my bike downtown for this event because I didn’t have to worry about parking in an already sparse-parking area. Add to it the conglomeration of people and cars coming in just for the fair and you’d be hard pressed to find a spot that didn’t require you to backtrack halfway to your home just to walk back over. Mojito was extremely patient as I walked him through the tables and clothing racks with me, even offering to hold my purse and helmet in his basket while I shopped. Now that’s a gentleman. On second thought, I don’t think donkeys come with baskets and I’m not sure they’d be as patient during my shopping trips.

After exhausting the sales, I parked Mojito outside the local coffee shop and met my handsome husband inside. An iced coffee and some downtime later, I was ready to hop back on the bike and pedal home. How was your Saturday? Anything eventful happen?

Happy Weekend! S.

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12 Responses to Summer Art Fair

  1. Janni says:

    But: The donkey saves the purchase of a lawn mower…..

    Sunny greetings from Berlin!

  2. Dottie says:

    That is a surprisingly affordable donkey, not that I’m familiar with the going rate. This collection of pictures is lovely. Street fairs are one of my favorite parts of summer and definitely a great time to use the bike, since parking is such a hassle.

    Nothing eventful with my weekend, and that’s how I liked it :)

  3. Plus, you’d have to pick up after the donkey and there would be the extra expense of feeding him. :) Of course, maybe you could afford it after scoring a $1 skirt!

  4. Maureen says:

    I love craft fairs. Glad you had fun and made a great purchase too!
    Wonderful photos as always!

  5. Evelyn says:

    I always feel like I have superpowers when I glide past bumper-to-bumper traffic to attend an event whether it’s a concert, festival, sports game, etc. Bikes are so empowering!

  6. meligrosa says:

    artsy crafty pretyyyyyy :D
    u look lovely <3

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  8. meg says:

    Mojito has become my bike ideal. My husband does not understand my infatuation with retro looking bikes, but I remain committed to my dream of one day (hopefully soon!!) being in a position where I can own and regularly use a bike like Mojito.

    I am curious about how/why your husband found a donkey on Craigslist, but regardless I think Mojito was a better investment. No feeding and watering required.

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