a kid friendly scavenger hunt

{image c/o Molly Westerman}

I just came across this child-friendly scavenger hunt image on Offbeat Parents, where Molly Westerman (who also writes the awesome feminist parenting blog First The Egg) offered it as inspiration for other parents looking to make walks with their young ones more fun. As Molly notes, her toddler Noah had become disenchanted with “boring” family walks since it usually meant trailing along while his parents talked about “grown up” stuff which did not capture his attention and imagination. Molly thus came up with this genius solution for keeping him engaged and excited about their regular strolls through the neighborhood: a pictorial scavenger hunt that allowed him to become an active participant in the route and to use his imagination in looking for and finding all of the depicted items.

Not only do I love this idea for walks with little ones but I also think it would make a great accoutrement for family bike rides! Hand your child a similar scavenger hunt image and let them search for and locate all the different items listed as they ride along in your trailer, cargo bike, weehoo, bike seat, etc, etc. I can’t wait until C. is just a little older and we can do this with her.

Molly has generously made her scavenger hunt image available for download so if you’re not artistically inclinded and don’t feel inspired to make your own, you can just grab a copy of hers here. Or you could make your own with objects and items specific to your route and neighborhood. In our case, I think I’d add a cupcake representative of our favorite place to get a treat downtown and a dog since C. is obsessed with “woof woof’s” and loves pointing them out whereever we go.

Thanks, Molly, for the great idea! Love this? Print it out and share it with your child!

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  1. Bryna says:

    I think I might try a version of this next week on our trip to the farmer’s market. Seems to be a particularly difficult place for our little guy to go to without getting antsy very quickly. :)

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