playing in the parklet

Public Parklet

Public Parklet

Public Parklet

Public Parklet

Public Parklet

Public Parklet

Public Parklet

Last weekend we biked once more to our temporary parklet and enjoyed it one last time before it was taken down on Sunday. After finding it and posting about it last week, I learned that it was only in town on a trial run for a week, after which it was to be dismanteled and put in storage for the time being. I was dissapointed to see it go but then learned that this is pretty typical proceedure for first time parklets when cities are still experimenting with the idea. San Francisco is the birth place of parklets and it wen through a similar process when it first introduced these constructions in 2010. Today there are many parklets all over San Francisco including a privately owned parklet installed and maintained by the owner.

I’m hopeful that this parklet will pop up in another part of town and that more like it will join it. While C and I were sitting in it enjoying our afternoon of chalkboard art, I happened to run into the president of the student group (in Landscape Design) who designed and built the parklet. He was optimistic that the parklet would resurface and that they would have the opportunity to built another. I hope he’s right and that this is only the first of many wonderful people spots to beautiful and diversify our college town.

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4 Responses to playing in the parklet

  1. Dottie says:

    Sweet to see how the little one interacted with the parklet. So much fun that could never be had in a parking space!

  2. Chrissy says:

    I love the idea of a parklet, and I’m sure you’re positive experience there will help them bring it back!

  3. That chalk wall is so amazing! I really hope this idea catches on, how inspiring!

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