a parklet in campus town!

Parklet in campus town

Parklet in campus town

Parklet in campus town

Parklet in campus town

I was so excited to discover this on my walk to class today. We now have a parklet in town! So great for many reasons. Not the least of which being that as a mom with a toddler it’s always nice to have a spot to pull over, provide a snack, and people watch while the little one draws on the chalkboard. What a great use of a parking spot!

I think I first learned of this concept (also known as “people spots”) when reading this post by Dottie in Chicago. Are there any parklets or people spots where you live? Have you made use of one already? Would love to see more of these pop up in the US!

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11 Responses to a parklet in campus town!

  1. T. says:

    What is the homeless population like in your town? I also live in a college town, and we have quite a large homeless population. Something like this would become a hangout for them in pretty short order. Our community struggles with how to handle the homeless (differing attitudes and opinions on what services should be offered, who would qualify for them, etc).

    I hope this doesn’t sound too negative. I think that parklet is adorable, and such a fun idea.

    • meligrosa says:

      hi T. not sure if you are also in SF, which has a rather high homeless population and the parklets are pretty well kept and clean and they are certainly community builders. I believe is a collective community/business/location effort.

    • S. says:

      Hi T!

      I’m sure there are homeless in town but I have to say that I never see any. And I was definitely aware of homeless in other cities I’ve lived so it’s not a matter of selective vision. We have some really great resources and shelters too. I would imagine that drunk college students would pose more of a threat to this parklet than homeless people since it’s in campus town right near all of the bars. Sadly, I just found out that it’s only supposed to be there until April 28th, I’m not sure why only for such a short time. I’ll be sad to see such a nice addition to the neighborhood go.

  2. meligrosa says:

    AWESOME to see this happening!
    San Francisco was the first to adopt so may of them – so far we have 39 (*I think)!! including a privately owned one by my friend ‘Deep, most have to be paid for the business or location, but they have to be open and available to the public and not only paying patrons.

    ‘Deep’s parklet even has its own website, him +I recently checked out the latest, +one of the coolest retro ones in the northside of town in cow hollow at the Rapha store.
    Here is a picture he took, I’m holding coffee.. no surprise there. I’ve taken many of’em on flickr +instagram throughout the last few years, but have been thinking about putting a little series together like my Libraries in SF perhaps sometime soon.
    You can check out the latest on the Rapha parklet from the SFChronicle, of course it isn’t the city if the obligatory complaint/opposition/protest happens :)
    Couple more links are here: Pavement to Parks SF y Rebar’s portfolio

    so glad for your campus +community! this will def. lead to more +more poppin up over time, you watch. seems like I’m quite chatty today :) hope you find the links/bits informative

  3. Jessie says:

    There aren’t any that I’m aware of in our current home town. However, we spent a year living in Albany Oregon, a town particularly full of parks, including what they called a “mini” park. It was a sweet bench with potted flowers on one of the downtown streets.

  4. Vicki says:

    I first heard the term parklet recently when I attended a talk by a visiting town planner about how our town is going to be made more bike friendly. So we are going to have more of them here, I’m looking forward to seeing them, especially if they are like that cute one in your city!

  5. I’ve been to that one many times. It’s one of my favorites. Another is being built closer to my house. I’m pretty excited.

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  7. Dottie says:

    This is such a sweet little space and I’m sad to know that it no longer exists. Hopefully, your city will decide to make parklets a permanent fixture.

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