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Leaving work and heading home. #everydayonabike #bike to work. #everydayonabike

Our first #kidicalmass flier in action! We biked to the copy shop and got these beauties printed! #kidicalmass #everydayonabike

A bike ride and lunch outside at a favorite local burrito place. #flyingburrito #everydayonabike #30daysofbiking With my favorite bike buddy. #everydayonabike #30daysofbiking

This week was a good week for bike rides. The weather finally warmed up and I decided to give this 30 Days of Biking thing a go. We made it out on a bike nearly every day despite some challenges. My favorite day was Thursday. C. was feeling pretty sick and I had to cancel a playdate because I didn’t want to expose the other kids to her cough, but after a few restless hours indoors, we decided to take in some fresh air and sunshine and bike to the copy shop to get our Kidical Mass fliers printed. Once out, we made a lunch date of it and stopped at my favorite local burrito place for a burrito bowl (amazing!) and some people watching while eating outdoors. C. perked up while there and then promptly fell asleep on the bike ride home. I was somehow able to move her nap indoors and find a little moment of calm for myself.

It looks like April is off to a good start. Here’s to a month of Spring and many more (maybe even daily?) bike rides!

PS: The lovely Alison, owner of Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies, recently asked me her “six questions” for an interview featured on her blog. Check it out here! Especially if you want to know what other places in town are my must visit :)

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2 Responses to this week in biking

  1. Rose-Anne says:

    That sounds like a very sweet afternoon! I hope that C. is back up to 100% now :-)

    • Dieriezt says:

      Nice idea Brian, and thank you for coming. I’ve thuhgot about programs like this for El Marino, including a bike safety day, a Bike to School day complete with escorts off the Ballona Bike Path and more. Perhaps we can discuss your idea and get our heads moving in the same direction?

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