romania {a video}

For a number of reasons, we won’t be able to travel to Romania this summer to see friends and family. I’m really missing the country, the food, and the people I love there as summer approaches with no visit in sight, so I dug up the photos and film taken during our trip there last summer and made a little film.

I’ve been putting together little travel movies from most of our trips so that C. can one day look at them and have something to stand in for the lack of memories she’ll have of all these amazing adventures taken before she was even a year old.

And there’s this little video of 2012 spent at home (between trips) that makes me smile every time I watch it.

The funny thing is that C. already understands that these movies represent her and her family because she can point out individuals on screen and is obsessed with getting to watch them. She always points to my computer and asks for “more” (“moh moh”). I usually play her one every other day or so, then indulge her in playing it again (“moh moh”) and maybe one last time (“moh moh”) and then we have to cut her off. The truth is that I also love watching these with her and don’t mind seeing them over and over again as they represent such happy times in our lives. I hope she’ll continue to love these as she grows up and they’ll offer small glimpses into her childhood.

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8 Responses to romania {a video}

  1. Franca says:

    that’s such a fantastic idea, i love these videos (i watched the other one too)!

    by the way, have you ever done a post on biking with really small babies, or from what age you can start? I know you didn’t til C was ten months, but I would love to take Milo out in the summer if I can. I could just research it myself, but I bet others would be interested :)

  2. katie says:

    What a wonderful video! Was that your grandmother in the video? She is beautiful! She seems like the kind of woman who could tell you a fabulous story. Thanks for sharing!

    • simplybike says:

      That would be my grandmother (and my grandfather) from my mother’s side. My only two living grandparents at this point. They had so much fun getting to know their first and only grandchild – our daughter. I’m so happy that I got to introduce them last summer.

      • Vincenzo says:

        That’s awesome that you go soooo many clehtos for such a great deal. And I mean seriously! how cute are they! That first outfit you showed I guareented would have cost at least $12.00 if you bought it new. You really lucked out He must be pretty big by now!

  3. Blume says:

    Love the visuals, but was confused by the background music. Such great and positive photos and videos, such wonderful memories… to the tune of a song in which a guy complains about his ex-girlfriend?!

    • simplybike says:

      Ha Blume, you’re right, somewhat of a funny choice. I used it because this song was always on the radio that summer and it reminds me so much of driving my grandpa’s car from Fagaras to Sibiu and of sitting outside at sidewalk cafes and this coming on. I do try to use songs that work lyrically with the video but in this case, it was a matter of pure association of sound and memory for me. :)

      • Meg says:

        Years ago, I started making playlists (well, CDs, first) of songs I listened to frequently (sometimes newly-released songs, sometimes songs from a musical I’d been working on at the time, etc), one for each season (roughly). I haven’t always kept up with it but it’s amazing to pull up the playlist from the summer of 2002 (for example) and immediately have all those memories. (Granted, I have synaesthesia, so my memories have sounds associated with them anyway.)

      • Deepshikha says:

        So 1. I was reading this post, thnkniig to myself, I don’t remember this trip at all why am I such a prude about anime porn? If I think hard enough, I think I remember this outing now were Cindy and I in J-Town having Curry House for lunch ? Needless to say, I was quite confused. Cindy has the better memory between the two of us so usually I just believe what she tells me.2. So do I need to plan a bachelorette party & a bridal shower or what? Cindy, can you please let me know so I can start working on this? If I have to plan something I need some notice!!

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