the cycling mamas’ solidarity flag


This gorgeous red, white, and blue “solidarity flag” was sent to me by the creative Kath Youell who is now a co-blogger over at Kath is a cycling mama of two who rides a gorgeous cargo bike. She also knits in her spare time and has decided to make a solidarity flag for cycling mamas to adorn our bikes and celebrate our daily feats of hauling kids, groceries, and ourselves around on two wheels.

I love that Kath sent me a cycling mama badge of honor and I’m proud to sport it on my Peugeot. I would love to one day glimpse this red-white-and-blue knitted flag on many more bicyles around town. I see it as symbolic of the grass roots movement that cycling – and in particular family cycling – has become in the US.

Compared to other countries such as Germany and The Netherlands, where about half of the miles covered by bike are done so by women, the US still has a predominantly male cycling culture. Only about 1 in 4 cyclists are female. And I would wager that a lot fewer of those are moms chauffeuring their kids around by bike. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that we’re out there and growing in numbers. And that we’re working to become increasingly visible on the road and on our culture’s collective radar.

Women reaching out to other women and showing solidarity is a valuable step in changing the national culture of cycling. So thanks, Kath, for making us a flag and for waving yours proudly. We need more of this!

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  1. I love this! I just wrote about my “fears” when it comes to biking (both solo and as a mama). I love the grassroots movement of family riders. I’m there with you!

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