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A little bathroom pep talk courtesy of some sweet (or extremely naive) person on campus.Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my grad school survival post! You added so much more to the conversation by sharing what works or has worked for you!

For those of you interested in more grad-school survival tactics, I dug up some previous posts on the subject from my archives, all of which were written a year ago this month. I guess this time of year (Spring, pre-graduation, just around defense time for those walking in May) is a good time for academic reflection and introspection. When I wrote these posts, I was in a good place in that I could see the end in sight and was wrapping up my work and getting ready to defend. Although not yet done, I could see that grad school could be conquered. I’m sure these would have been different posts had they been written a year prior, when I was more likely to be in this kind of mindset.

From March 2012:

And in March of last year, T. turned in his dissertation! And we celebrated!

Are any of you defending this Spring? If you’re in the early days of dissertating, don’t despair! Read these lovely tips and carry on knowing that there will be an end to it all and that you can do it, one day at a time. It’s just like AA but with more reading.

{imagea little pep talk found in the women’s bathroom on campus this week}

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  1. Rita says:

    I finally have my Viva date set for the 22nd of May! Can’t wait! :)

    There were moments I really couldn’t believe I would ever end. When I did, I couldn’t believe how relieved I felt! To be honest, one of the things that helped me was Academichic first and then this blog. So thank you S.!

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