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nudge {nudge by bhautik joshi}

Lovely Bicycle had an interesting recent post on romanticising bike rides by showing bike baskets filled with flowers, food, or similarly enticing contents. She writes:

“…this got me thinking about how often basket and pannier contents are used to illustrate the appealing nature of cycling. The bouquet of flowers. The French baguette. The fluffy bunch of leafy vegetables. I suppose these things make people think about picnics and outdoor farmer markets. But even beyond that, there is something about the sight of fresh food or flowers sticking out of a bike bag that makes errands seem like fun. I’ve even had comments about that from strangers on my way home from buying groceries “Oooh, vegetables in your basket – That looks like fun!” Loading said vegetables into the trunk of a car wouldn’t have the same effect.”

I agree not only with the idea that carrying groceries by bicycle looks fun but also with the argument that it is more fun. I’ve written about my excitement in figuring out how to haul both groceries and kid from store to home. There is something empowering and deeply gratifying about using your body to propel yourself and your kids and your groceries from point A to B. And there’s also something very appealing about seeing what others are carrying on their bikes, which is why I created the Flickr group Bike Basket to collect all of those images all in one place.

What are some of the most surprising things you’ve carried on your bike? Are you on Flickr? Join our Bike Basket group and share your photos! Below are a few recent favorites from the group pool:


flower shop on Dundas St. West {flower shop on Dundas St. West by happy d}

these days {these days by happy d}

last farmers market - bike basket {last farmers market bike basket by mamichan}

morning bike ride {morning bike ride by knitting by bicycle}

The 46 Year Old Paperboy {the 46 year old paper boy by ibikenz}

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7 Responses to bike basket culture

  1. I don’t have a bike basket, but I agree that running errands by bike IS more fun. I’m still working on the grocery bit, but as soon as a new grocery store opens about a mile from us this summer, I’ll be hauling groceries in the Burley. I would also argue that running errands by bike forces me to buy local more often than not. I’m forced to stick in a 2-3 mile radius in my house (unless I’m stopping off somewhere after a longer commute, which happens often). And, luckily for me, there are so many cool local stores to support within that radius. So, it’s no wonder why biking studies show that people who bike are more likely to support the local economy. Happy post!

  2. Jessie says:

    It is truly more fun! Yesterday I carried two kids, a bag of groceries, and a new vacuum home on my Mundo.

  3. allison says:

    Since I am only riding a road bike right now, it hasn’t been conducive to having a bike basket. But seeing these pictures makes me want to find an old vintage frame and put a classic bike basket on it. Instead right now I just get creative about how much stuff I can arrange in my messenger bag and not have it fall out. :)

  4. Farrah says:

    Just found your blog :)
    I am a new expat to The Netherlands and we traded in our mini van for a Madsen. No front basket yet- although I keep the cargo bucket filled with boys while we run around. Just wanted to say hi and that I have a brand new appreciation for biking as a way of life since moving here and seeing how it IS life.

    • simplybike says:

      Hi Farrah,

      thanks for saying hi and welcome to the blog! I’m so jealous of your cargo bike life in the Netherlands, that sounds wonderful! I’m looking forward to reading more about that on your blog.


      • Ahmed says:

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