bike 101: 5 tips to get your bike ready for spring

{Today’s Bike 101 post comes from Alison of Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies in NYC. Alison and I have been exchanging emails for a while now – ever since I found her adorable bike shop and she came across my blog. I’m always inspired by strong women who take a vision and turn it into reality, which Alison did when she opened up her bicycle accessories shop called Eleanor’s (named after her and her husband’s grandmothers, who shared a moniker and their love for bicycling). Today, Alison brings us five tips for getting ready for Spring cycling…

Find more great cycling tips from Alison on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook. For a look at her shop, click here.}


As many of you surely know, this year’s Groundhog Day festivities indicated an early spring.  Well, although Winter Storm Nemo did its best to thwart our optimism, spring is, assuredly, just around the corner. Although this might not be the best time to ride your bike, you can spend some time getting it into shape for all the May flowers coming our way.  Here are 5 tips to help you switch into high gear this spring.

imagePhoto Credit: Heather Bailey

1. Get a tune-up: It’s important to make sure that everything’s in working order before hitting the streets for some fresh spring air.  A tune-up will ensure that your bike is fully functioning and will give you a chance to correct or prevent any issues before they arise.  This will not only guarantee the longevity of your ride, it’ll keep you safer, too.  Bring your bike to your favorite local shop, or, if you’re a seasoned pro, check out this Popular Mechanics guide to a DIY tine-up.

2. Check your Tires: In the same vein as the above tip, it is absolutely essential to check your tires after a season of storing your bike.  Low tire pressure is not only awful for your rims, it’s a dangerous riding condition.  Additionally, you’ll want to be sure your treads aren’t completely worn so your traction is as good as possible (especially for those freak April showers).  Investing in new tires is well worth it.

imagePhoto Credit: Bicycle Mechanic

3. Be Prepared for Spring Showers: The only thing worse than getting caught in a sudden downpour while riding is returning to your bike after a storm.  The good news is that you no longer have to rely on old plastic bags to keep your seat dry!  Instead, why not go for one of these SüLi Bike Seat Caps?  They come in a variety of colors and prints to give your ride some additional style, and they prevent your seat from getting soggy no matter the weather.  Plus, they’re small enough to fit in your bag when the sun is shining again.

image                         Photo Credit: Eleanor’s

4. Sign up for some cool rides: A good way to get back into the swing of things is to explore your surroundings.  May in particular is a big month for biking.  After all, it’s when the League of American Bicyclists sponsors its National Bike Month campaign.  Also, mark your calendar: National Bike To Work Day is Friday, May 17, 2013.

5. Brush up on your hand signals: Knowing (and actually using) hand signals is key for safe cycling.  Being able to communicate with motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists will keep you safe this spring, and all year round.

image     Photo Credit: Shannon’s Book Nook

Your bike is now ready for spring riding. All we need now is some beautiful spring weather!


Thanks, Alison! You can also read Alison’s guest post on 7 bike-friendly hairstyles for Spring here.  

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  1. Definitely need to make plans for tune-ups for both of my bikes. I could probably [learn to] do it myself, but part of my justification for buying a new bike was the free-for-life tune-ups at the shop. The downside to shop tune-ups is getting the bike there (requires the car) and being without it for a day or two. Either way, especially with hauling a little one, I do need my bikes in good working order. As one bike mechanic once told me, the number one thing you can do to be safe on a bike is to ride a safe (i.e., good working order) bike.

    And yes please on the nice spring weather!

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  4. Love the photos! Each time you ride your bike, you become an advocate for bicyclists everywhere.

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