of puerto rico, lazy days, and crashes with reality

Beautiful old San Juan We were passes by what must have been a critical mass ride in San Juan tonight. So many bikes, so much energy and fun. Wish we could have been a part of it. #bikes #sanjuan

Last morning in the hammock. In a few hrs, I'll be back to snow and winter. Soaking up every last second of this. One last view of paradise, snapped yesterday on our way out from #puertorico.

Hola San Juan! You are beautiful. #untappedcities @untappedcities Street #art in San Juan. #untappedcities @untappedcities

#cyclists in San Juan: fast, no helmets, lots of cruisers and sweet fixies. Love discovering bike cultures in other cities. @untappedcities #bikes #untappedcities #cyclechic Getting to do this is feb is pretty awesome. #sanjuan

We spent last week in gorgeous San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was truly a week in paradise. So much great food, beautiful people, delicious mojitos and ice-cold Medallas, the ocean, scuba diving for T. with his dad and brother, failed attempts at snorkling for me, some hiking in the rainforest, and much lazying about in the sun while reading 2.5 books! I don’t remeber the last time I finished a novel in under a month let alone over two in under a week.

Anyway, it was a beautiful break from reality that didn’t end quite as well as it started. We came back to bad news about our house sale that we thought was as good as final. Turns out, we’re taking some major steps backwards. We also learned that our daycare center spot that we were expecting any day now will not be available to us until June. A month AFTER the semester ends. Not quite the timing I was hoping for.

Despite the crash with reality that hit us as soon as our plane touched down in the Midwest, I’m trying to remember the feelings of contentment that stayed with us all of last week. I’m trying really hard to bring that feeling from Puerto Rico home with me to Iowa.

Writings here may continue to be sparse, despite my best intentions, as we continue on with house selling/buying business, as I continue to negotiate teaching and academic work with minimal childcare (as in: only during the hours I’m physically in the classroom and an extra two hours one afternoon a week. Don’t do this to yourself, mama academic, it’s crazyness.) And as I try to stay on top of some other projects that are always on my perpetually growing to-do list. I know: first world problems.

If you’re interested, below are a few more shots of gorgeous Puerto Rico, a place I’d love to revisit some day:

(Many thanks to my in-laws for taking us on this amazing vacation and to my parents for watching C. so that we could enjoy our first vacation away sans child since becoming parents. THANK YOU!)

San Juan day 1.

San Juan, day 2.

Puerto Rico day three.

Puerto Rico day four: hiking in the rainforest.

San Juan day five. #travel #sanjuan #dontwanttogohome

Above: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

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7 Responses to of puerto rico, lazy days, and crashes with reality

  1. Burcu says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time there, just wanted to second your opinion about minimal daycare. I currently only have daycare during class hours, and it is crazy!!!

  2. Andreea says:

    You look so awesome!

  3. Mama Bicycle says:

    How gorgeous there! I envy when it’s been always cold for several month here in Kyoto. Let yourself take a positive thinking for you and your family’s future. As for me, I am trying to ship an electrically assisted Mama Bicycle to Czech soon although it may not be allowed by the custom broke. ;)

  4. Chrissy says:

    It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time! And while you came home to bad news, at least you had a glorious vacation to make it all easier to bear. :) I hope things work out quickly and that the next month isn’t too stressful. xo

  5. Really sorry to hear about the house news. What a bummer. The photos do look amazing though. Nate and I are planning a 10 year anniversary trip and now Puerto Rico is on the top of the list! And sorry to hear about the daycare. I’ve been preparing for class solely in the evenings and weekends since I have to work when Lila is in daycare two days a week. She’ll start at Benny’s old daycare in a month when she’s 2 1/2, but it’s two weeks too late to help with class! I’m sure you’ve thought of everything, but what about hiring a student to sit a morning or two a week? I know professors at DU who do that and love it. I’m too far away from campus to enjoy that benefit :(. Good luck with everything!

  6. Despite the hangups you had returning home, that looks like one dreamy vacation!

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