happy valentine’s day!

be my bike date

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you to all my wonderful readers, I hope your day is filled with treats and wine and loved ones and maybe even a bike ride or two! 

If you need some bike date inspiration, just check out the many bikes dates submitted from all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

One of my favorite things about writing this blog has been the reader contributions to it. Be it on the subject of biking while pregnant, bilingual parenting, and of course, going with your loved one on all kinds of bike dates!

♥ For instance, check out the very first bike date submitted: on a tandem to San Francisco’s Golden Gate park.

This beautiful family bike date in the gorgeous countryside of Utah.

A fall bike date in my own hometown.

A gorgeous honeymoon bike date through the French countryside.

♥ A scenic bike date along the Danube in Germany.

For more bike dates, see here.

Happy {love-filled} cycling!

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2 Responses to happy valentine’s day!

  1. Unnati says:

    You too!!!! Hope you enjoy this day with your beautiful family :)

    • Ratioflai says:

      Hi Priti, Nav and Josh, Thanks so much for your kind offer, but I’m not planning to head down that diertcion at this point in time. I think I’ve got all my nights in London covered. Thanks so much though!

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