stealing time: a literary magazine for parents

Currently on my bedside table: Stealing Time: A Literary Magazine for Parents. This beautifully crafted and edited magazine is new on the market, just two issues old as of this month. It was started by Cafe Mama, whose thoughtful and smart blog I had been reading for a while. I was thrilled when I heard about this magazine for parents and even more excited about it when I read the names of those behind the scenes. I knew it would be good and it has not disappointed. After reading the first issue, I immediately subscribed. I received the second issue last week and have been limiting myself to a few pieces a night, savoring the reading and making it last throught the week.

To give you just a basic idea of what sets Stealing Time apart from mainstream parenting magazines, here’s a taste of their mission statement:

“We are eager to give expression to the broadest possible spectrum of parenting experience. Naturally we want to see parenting essays from traditional monogamous heterosexual families as well as single parents, queer parents, transgendered parents and parents of transgendered children, blended families, grandparents, families including children or parents with special needs diagnosis, parents of children lost or deceased, and other less conventional parents or caregivers of children.”


“We welcome pieces that are sad, hopeful, ebullient, resigned, reverent, wry, surprising, gut-busting, or just plain different.”

Yeah, they rock. I dare you to pick up an issue and not love it.

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  1. LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing. I’m subscribing.

  2. GS test demo says:

    stealing time: a literary magazine for parents » Simply Bike

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