Oh campus, I have missed you. It's good to be back. #isu #iowa #art from #trash beautifying downtown. Made by the MFA students.

Thanks to our babysitting coop, I get to spend two hours all to myself here this morning. Color coded Semesterplan. I can't believe how fun it feels to be back at this. Am I an academic at heart after all?

Untitled First outdoor play date in a looong time. It's been missed. With @runbobbierun  #winter #iowa

Sinful, really. All bundled up for a pre dinner walk. To the chocolaterie, of course ;)

Just some snapshots from the past week: Back to campus and lesson planning//finally an outdoor playdate (after soooo much cold weather) with Bobbie and her little one// downtown walks//a stop at the chocolaterie// and my little partner in crime. Almost always by my side :)

We’ve got a fun long weekend ahead of us with brunch dates and more work on the house so that we can list it for sale soon. And drinks with an out of state friend! Although I wish much better circumstances were bringing her here, I can’t wait to finally meet this awesome lady in person after reading each other’s blogs for so long now. It’s just a shame that we don’t have enough time to log an #everdayoneabike ride together.

Happy weekend to you as well! Any fun plans?

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  1. Hannie says:

    Are you planning in German or are you also teaching in German ;-). Looks familiar. I am also planning my courses at the moment. Colors, letters, schemes, assignment codes, deadlines. And this semester has lots of holidays like easter, queensday, pentecost that make planning really hard.

    • simplybike says:

      Planning and teaching in German! What are you teaching? I’d love to know!

      • Hannie says:

        This semester I teach developmental psychology, children’s learning, introduction to research. My teaching and research is related to the learning sciences and more specifically technology enhanced learning.

        About 60% of my first year students are German ;-). A lot of students can’t study psychology in Germany because of the Numerus Clausus and come to the Netherlands. Our university is located just across the border, so we attract a lot of German students. So German is a common language around campus.

  2. Dottie says:

    Beautiful photos. I love seeing the quiet, everyday moments of life. My weekend was low-key, reading and spending time with friends, but felt way too short for three days off.

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