start biking with your baby!

Start biking with your baby!

Check us out in Momentum Magazine‘s Winter Issue! I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to Momentum’s series on family cycling with some tips on how C. and I got started on my bike. We started cycling together when she was 10 months old and comfortable sitting up in the iBert seat and supporting the weight of a helmet. We soon figured out a perfect system for everything we needed to take with us on our daily rides and enjoyed the front of the bike seat until the cold weather hit and I wanted her to have more wind and cold protection. That’s when we switched to the Burley trailer, which was not only great for extending our rides into the colder month but also surprised me with all of its awesome grocery hauling capabilities.

My best tip for anyone looking to get started on cycling as a family is to experiment with different systems and find what works best for you! The set-up that works best for your family is the one that will get you out there and cycling more days than not.

For more tips on cycling with kids, grab a copy of Momentum Magazine’s Issue 59 (or subscribe to every issue, it’s one of my favorite regular reads) and check out our article! Or peruse the Bike with Kids page on the blog!

Happy Cycling!

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3 Responses to start biking with your baby!

  1. Julie says:

    I just found your blog via the comments on my friend Kate’s blog.. I’m so happy I did! My family is moving to a pretty rural town at the beginning of March and I have been toying with the idea of biking around town with my son since my husband will be taking the car to work with him. My husband was nervous I would drop our son on his head and requested I ride a trike…seriously! Anyways, perfect timing to have found your blog…good inspiration.

    • simplybike says:

      Hi Julie,

      welcome! I’m so glad you found me then, I’d love to help with any questions about family biking. It’s a lot of fun and really not that dangerous. Especially if you use a trailer, they’re pretty sturdy and unlikely to tip even if you were to fall off your bike (although hopefully that won’t happen either! :) I was nervous about carrying such precious cargo on my bike as well when I first started but now I can’t even begin to imagine life without biking with my daughter. We both enjoy it a lot and reap all of the health benefits of exercising and being outdoors during our commutes. I hope you and your son find similar joy in it!

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