Ragbrai Rest Stop

{Cycled just under 70 miles yesterday.

More than tripled my previous longest distance.

It was an amazing day and Ragbrai is a wonderful experience. I have so much I’d like to share about it, so a longer post will follow. All I know is that I’m hooked and I want to do the entire week-long ride next time. Good luck to the cyclists that are still out there riding across Iowa until Saturday!}

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10 Responses to Ragbrai Rest Stop

  1. Janni says:

    Looks cool – we want to know more about your long-distance-biking-experience!

  2. C says:

    Doesn’t it feel AWESOME!?

  3. Patricia says:

    That’s 112 km – respect!!!

  4. oh that looks like so much fun! i’d love to do something like that next year!

    • Maria says:

      So, how many capes do you have? You are without a doubt a sumwoerpan! I haven’t nearly done a fraction of what you have! Number 1 in itself is a herculean feat (I had a C-section, so I didn’t go into labor)… You are freaking awesome!

  5. maureen says:

    Very cool..good for you!!! You should feel very proud of yourself!

  6. Bike WS says:

    Congratz on the long bike ride! The photos you posted look amazing. Great blog as well, just stumbling here from portlandize.com

  7. Katharine Schweitzer says:

    Almost every summer since I was in 7th grade (I’m a third-year graduate student currently), my father and I have done a cycling adventure together. We started out with the 3,000-person, super family-friendly GOBA, did a couple weeks of Cycle America and Cycle the Erie Canal, and, the last three years, XOBA. I just returned from a week of cycling across Ohio with XOBA this afternoon–another wonderful bike vacay! I love reading your blog =)

    • simplybike says:

      Katherine, that sounds amazing! I want to do that with my kids someday and I would love for them to think of vacations with their parents by bike as wonderful experiences in their lives. All your bike trips sounds like so much fun, I’m hooked and can’t wait to partake in more group rides like that.

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