winter bike rides and #everydayonabike

Just because I wasn’t writing about biking over the course of December, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t out there enjoying the last of what our mild winter days had to offer. To think that we called it “winter cycling” when the roads were clear, there was nary a snowflake in sight, and temperatures hovered steadily above 40°F.

And then the blizzard came and it’s been icy and freezing cold ever since. The roads are pretty treturous still and temperatures have been starting at 1°F in the mornings and rising to no more than 15-25°F mid-day. Simply too cold to be out there with a little one. So we’re staying at home much more than usual and driving when we need to go somewhere.

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve began house hunting and I’m excited to find a home that is more centrally located. I look forward to being able to walk and bike even on colder days such as these once we’re closer to all of the places I frequent on a regular basis: our friends’ homes, the library, the shops downtown, etc. I miss the freedom and the fun of just walking out the front door, getting on my bike, and taking off.

While we’re sorely missing our bike rides right about now, this lovely mom and toddler duo are starting off the year with a vow to bike together every day of this month. You can read all about their daily adventures over in the UK on Lindsay’s blog, You Ain’t Got Jack. Inspiring, no?

And if you’re lucky enough to be in a place with above-freezing temps right now (or just determined to not let something as silly as hypothermia cramp your style), help Sara collect photographs from cyclists all over the world going about their daily business by bike (project #everydayonabike). Read more about  her photo project on her site, Life’s a Bear, and tag your photos with #everydayonabike if you’re an Instagram user. (January submissions hashtagged as such will even be entered to win a $10 Starbucks giftcard. What better to go with those chilly bike rides than a cuppa joe?)

Wherever you are, I hope this finds you well and that January has at least a few bike rides in store for you.

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4 Responses to winter bike rides and #everydayonabike

  1. S., thanks so much for your support and introducing this to your readers! Happy winter riding to you and your lovely little lady!

  2. Rita says:

    I really miss my bike :( since I’ve moved to Auckland from the UK I haven’t been able to get one and I don’t think I will any time soon! We just bought our first home and my new commuting root does not allow biking in any shape or form; there was too much focus on road building around here in the past and that has left central Auckland foot and biking roots cut out from the rest of the city! It’s quite sad really. My only hope is that the train works fine!

  3. Afromedusa says:

    You look gorgeous in such a cold weather! :-)

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