this is what biking in 35°F (1°C) looks like

Biking in November
This is what biking in 35°F (1°C) looks like! We haven’t had any snow yet, the roads are clear, the sun is out, and biking has been amazing so far this November. For a typical bike ride in this temperature, I wear what I would normally wear (in this case, I had on a linen sleeveless top layered underneath a cardigan), with my medium-weight jersey jacket, a scarf, gloves, and my winter boots.

I usually get warm about a mile into my ride and stop to unzip my jacket a little and remove the scarf.

Meanwhile, this is what C. looked like back in her trailer. She wears her winter coat and I drape a fleece blanket over her legs. I layer a hat underneath her helmet and have tried gloves on her but she usually just pulls those off. When we stop and I unsnap the trailer cover, her hands always feel warm to the touch as do her cheecks. And she usually greets me with a big smile.

This is winter biking at its easiest and best.

Biking in November

Biking in November

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6 Responses to this is what biking in 35°F (1°C) looks like

  1. Mama Bicycle says:

    The sun shine blesses/warms both of you ;) I think so.

  2. Rita says:

    oh! Cold sunny days can be so beautiful!

  3. Franca says:

    wow, that’s the kind of november weather I wish for. Not this horrible rain we’ve got!

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  5. Casey says:

    This is my favorite part about the trailer (and why we still haven’t taken the cargo bike leap), the coziness of being in there with a blanket and the cover. Roozle is always as warm and happy as can be. I love it! C looks like she loves it too! So cute!

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