biking with kids: japanese “mama bicycles” coming to the US!

{the 20 inch wheel Anjelino bicycle}

I’m sure you know of bike trailers, bike seats, and even “bucket bikes” and “longtails.” But have you heard of Japanese mama bicycles? Yes, I admit the gendered name was a bit off-putting to me when I first encountered them. But gendered moniker aside, these looks like pretty great bikes! And it just so happens that the parent who contacted me about bringing Japanese mama bicycles to the US happens to be a dad. So dads ride mama bicycles as well and do so in increasing numbers.

Shuichi Kobayashi is the author and bicycling dad behind the popular Japanese cycling blog, Mama Bicycle, who is now selling these Japanese child-carrying bikes to US customers. Japanese mama bicycles, or “mamacharis” as they’re often called (mama + chariot = mamachari), are said to be “the Japanese equivalent of a stationwagon.” They’re extremely durable bicycles with a motor assist (optional) and usually more than one child seat added to the front or the back of the bike. They are designed to withstand the elements as they are often parked outdoors year-round.

You can learn more about these mamacharis on Shuichi’s blog, where he chronicles his daily commutes by bike with his two daughters in Japan. You can also contact Shuichi directly with questions about the bikes and and about shipping to the US. For now, the bikes will be shipped to Oakland, CA with plans to ship to more parts of the US and Canada down the road. Bikes run between $1,500 – $2,500, comparable to the price tag of Dutch cargo bikes designed to carry multiple children.

What do you think? Would you consider a Japanese mama bicycle for commuting with your kids?

 {Shuichi and his daughters biking in Kyoto on a Mama Bicycle}

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