vote today!

That’s all: VOTE!


We voted a while back, as soon as early voting in Iowa became possible. It was sometime just after the second presidential debate, after which I felt especially nervous about the future of things, something I wrote a bit about on Flyover Feminism for the Voices on Voting series. I’m going to be nervous all day today until the results are in. There are just so many issues dear to me that will be hugely impacted by this election, including but not limited to women’s pay, LGBT rights, the environment, research funding in the sciences, public health care, immigration laws, and reproductive freedom.

I hope you’re voting today, especially if any of those issues are important to you and you want your voice to make a difference. Every vote counts.

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5 Responses to vote today!

  1. Liz H. says:

    A Facebook friend of mine shared her friend’s comments on voting that I really liked:

    —Seems an important thing to remember that this whole “voting” thing is, in the arc of history, new and revolutionary. For many—women, people of color—it’s less than a century old and hard-won. Dismissing the vote as meaningless trivializes its non-violent, revolutionary nature and is moreover, I fear, a self-fulfilling prophecy. May we all reach beyond our cynicism and exercise hope on this day.—

    • simplybike says:


      I particularly agree being an immigrant in this country and feeling like my voice is often unwelcome and one discounted as less relevant than that of a native born American. Because I have made a life here, because my daughter was born here, because my everyday is impacted by the politics of this country, I feel like I cannot discount this right of mine to have a voice. Especially since many immigrants do not share my good fortune in that regard. And, of course, there’s the being a woman too…

      Great quotation, thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m nervous today too. I’ve been nervous for about a week. Now I regret not volunteering for the Obama campaign. I think I’m going to bury myself in work today and pour a healthy glass of wine after the kids go to bed to listen to election results. Win or lose, I’ll need a drink!

  3. Mama Bicycle says:

    Mr President is Obama :)

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