happy halloween!

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Today was a ridiculously exhausting but fun day. C. got to experience trick or treating for the first time. Twice! Our morning was spent downtown, trick or treating with friends at the library (where books were handed out in addition to chocolates!) and at the local businesses. Oddly enough, our local toy shop was the one place not handing out candy. The brewery had a witch guarding its door and handing out treats to passing children. Our local bike shop was equally welcoming with candy for all. Almost all of our small, locally-owned downtown shops opened their doors to kids and parents, handing out candy, pencils, and other small gifts.

Then, after a much needed nap, we set out for some evening trick or treating in a friend’s neighborhood. Watching the whole day through my daughter’s eyes was wonderful. And I’m excited that she gets to enjoy Halloween from an early age, while the day is still magical, filled with ghosts, witches, make-believe characters come to life, and all the goodies a child could wish for.

Since I grew up in Europe, I didn’t have Halloween as a child and only learned of it when we moved to Canada when I was in the 5th grade. I got about three years of Halloween in before I felt too old and too awkward to dress up and go door to door. But how I longed for more Halloweens like that first one when it was all so exciting and magical. I still remember being handed a pillowcase by my parents’ friend and being told that I would get to walk door to door, filling it with candy before the evening was over. Could anything better exist for a ten year old?

Happy Halloween!

On biking & what we wore: it was 35°F (1°C) today when we rode downtown to meet up with friends. But it was sunny with very little wind and it didn’t feel that cold at all. I just want to note that for those wondering about biking into the colder months. For a 35°F (1°C) bike ride, I wore jeans, one pair of socks, a shirt layered under a light-weight cardigan, followed by a medium-weight jacket and a scarf. I used fingerless gloves and no hat.

C. was bundled up in several layers underneath her costume and covered with fleece blancket. She didn’t wear gloves. When I got her out of the bike trailer after our 25 minute bike ride from our house to the library, she felt warm and comfortable.

Of course it made a big difference that the sun was out and that there was almost no wind. With those added perks, 35F wasn’t all that bad! And on the way home, C. napped the entire time, warm and comfortable in her trailer. Dreaming of dragons, and ladybugs, and witches, and chocolates, no doubt.

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  1. Bex says:

    Sounds like a fun Halloween! Those trailers can be quite toasty! We haven’t been out in 35 f yet – maybe 45 at the coldest, but my baby actually seemed a bit over-bundled that day with extra layers and the windscreen down. I’m looking forward to biking in colder temps here as well.

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