weekend reading: navigating multicultural and multiracial parenthood

Naples, Florida
{with my parents and my daughter, with whom I speak Romanian }

Although I write often (and seek guest posts) on the topic of bilingual parenting, I have not written much about multicultural parenting. Even though our cultural backgrounds inform who we are, for whatever reason, my husband and I rarely have “culture shock” moments in our relationship. We don’t often navigate cultural divides and the plurality of languages in our household is the most obvious and most pressing factor of our intercultural-ness. But I have been thinking more about this topic and have been fascinated by the way other parents and families handle it.
In particular, Offbeat Mama has been publishing some great posts by multicultural and interacial families lately, which you might have seen if you follow me on Twitter and caught me sharing the links. If not, here are two recent posts that caught my eye:
Raising tri-cultural children in a world of absoluteness” by Rachael Getecha. The author writes about her children’s complex identities as Kenyan, White American, and perceived Black American, exploring her and her husband’s role in helping their children find their way within a predominently White American community.
Choosing Non-White-Dominant Art for Kids” by Andrea Karim. The author questions the role of art, images, and cultural artifacts that feature predominantly White figures to a non-White audience. In this case, the audience is her soon-to-be-born child, who will be of mixed ethnicity unlike her White mother.
And here’s a really great one from the archives:
Biracial Lesbian Seeking Known Donor of Color” by Annemarie. The author looks at how her biracial identity has shaped her desire for a child to share her skin color. She writes poignantly in defense of selecting a donor based on shared skin color and race to forge the kind of visible connection to her child that she lacked with her mother.
Have any great links of your own to share? Please leave them in the comments below! 
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One Response to weekend reading: navigating multicultural and multiracial parenthood

  1. malenki says:

    Two years ago I met a lovely family in Poland. They were visiting the wife’s parents.
    Husband and wife talked English with each other, husband and kids talked German, wife and kids talked mostly Polish. I couldn’t observe anyone being jealous for maybe not understanding something the others talked about.

    As a contrast I know a family in my town where the father is German, the mother is Czech – and the father has forbidden speaking Czech from the very beginning… -.-

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