travel with kids: a farmers market visit in ohio


C. and I spent last week in Ohio visiting my parents. In addition to getting showered with affection, new toys, and constant attention, it was also a week of almost entirely Romanian exposure for my daughter. Yay for that! Things we enjoyed in Ohio included a visit to the wonderful Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (it’s huge and really nice, we spent hours there and loved it!), trips to the parks and library, and a Saturday morning visit to the Peninsula Farmer’s Market:


Farmers markets make a great child destination because it’s outdoors, they can run around and make noise, there are tasty treats to be sampled, and usually music and some child-centered activities (our home farmer’s market always has a crafts area for kids). Bonus for the parents: you can get some grocery shopping done, support local farmers and artisans, and enjoy some outdoor time yourself while watching your kids enjoy themselves. Win, win.

I love our farmers market at home and particularly enjoy biking to it when possible. That’s one nice thing about markets that are located in the center of cities and towns rather than out in the country, where they’re mostly only accessible by car. But location aside, the Peninsula farmers market was great: I had the best baklava I’ve tasted in a long time and walked away with a gorgeous pressed flower in glass coaster for my desk at home. My dad was on baby duty while we walked around, so he made sure C. got plenty of food samples and that she had fun and stayed warm.

Although farmers markets offer in many ways the same experience every time you visit, they are also uniquely different based on community, location, season, and size. I’ve visited markets in different American cities as well as in France, Germany, Austria, and Romania and they always provide such an interesting lens into the local culture and economy. (There’s a huge different between the farmers market in my hometown in Romania, for instance, and ones visited in Tours, France, or Vienna, Austria!) And taking children along to better understand the connection between the food they eat and the farms, people, and animals that provide it sets them up to be more conscious and considerate consumers of the resources around them.

Do you enjoy visiting farmers markets in new places? What was the most exciting/interesting/unique farmers market you’ve visited?


Check out this great book with ideas for things to do with your kids at a farmers market.

This Portland Farmers Market offer cooking classes to kids. Find out whether a farmers market in your area has similar child-geared programs!

10 Tips for Enjoying Farmers Markets with Kids

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5 Responses to travel with kids: a farmers market visit in ohio

  1. Bobbie says:

    The farmer’s markets were my absolute favorite part of our SF trip! I’ve never seen so much fresh produce in one place – and it all tasted so good! I enjoy our farmer’s market in town, but we don’t have that kind of variety here. Oh, and I love C’ cute hat ;)

  2. My favorite farmers’ market in the States is definitely the one in Des Moines. So far no other farmers’ market can compare. It has become an event in and of itself!!! I used to bike there nearly every Saturday and stuff my backpack with fresh veggies.

    I only visited the farmers’ market in Tours once, but I loved it. Fresh berries from the forest, amazing cheeses. A different experience all around and definitely spoke to the food culture in France!

  3. Christina says:

    Wonderful photos! I wish our local Farmer’s Market was a little more happening like that one. They try hard but our venders and local farmers are a strange group … I long for a local Farmer’s Market in my town that has more produce and less selling of lotions and candles :)

  4. Hannie says:


  5. Hannie says:

    comment entered by Henrik Rinse (4 years old) loves the tomatoes on the picture.

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