october’s kidical mass ride!

October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride

Just some shots from yesterday’s October Kidical Mass ride in town. Although it was considertably colder than last month’s ride (which still saw us sporting t-shirts and shorts), it was beautiful in terms of fall colors and a gorgeous route. We lengthened the route to ride over 6 miles round-trip, which was easier with a much smaller group this time around. We were light on the “mass,” but large on enthusiasm and even got a “it’s a parade” shout-out from a man raking leaves in his front yard while we rode by.

The kids in the trailers were definitely at an advantage to C. in her bike seat since they had much more protection from the wind and cold than she did. We wrapped an extra sweatshirt around her body for the ride home (seen above) and lathered Weleda Wind- und Wetterbalsam on her cheeks and nose (a product similar to Aquaphor sent to us from a friend in Germany last winter). I now really want a wind screen for her, any thoughts or tips on where to find one? (Of course now that I’m trying, I can’t find an image to illustrate what I mean).

But other than the cold, it was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed the ride, the company, and the play time at the park. We’ve decided to plan a November ride short-notice with an eye on the weather forecast. If we can find a nice warm day, we’ll head out for one more community ride for the season. And if we do that, we’re most definitely planning a hot chocolate stop along the way!

I am so happy to have planned these rides this month and last. It has been so much fun to see so many friends and some new faces come out with kids and bikes and ready for a good time. It’s made me feel all the more connected to my community and to my friends here. I’m a little sad that the season may already be over and that Iowa snow will likely prevent any more rides until Spring.

If you wish you had community family bike rides in your city or town, please consider planning one yourself! The most instrumental way of spreading the word for me has been via Facebook. By creating a FB event and inviting everyone in town with kids and asking them to invite their friends and so on, we let a whole lot of people found out about it. (We also made flyers and did these other things to plan the first ride).

Want to know more about the Kidical Mass concept? Check out the official website and see a recap of our September ride here. Happy cycling!

October Kidical Mass ride

October Kidical Mass ride October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride
October Kidical Mass ride
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6 Responses to october’s kidical mass ride!

  1. missgeorgieo says:

    Rising autumn is my favourite time of year. This morning I set off just before sunrise- saw all the mist with hovering. Beautiful.
    We’ve been away in San Francisco for the last few weeks – I get back to Britain and its freezing in the mornings already. But cold, crisp weather is my favourite. Cycling the Marin headlands in 28degree C heat is a bit much for me (tho kicking that hill’s behind was great fun!)

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  3. Dottie says:

    What a beautiful ride! I hope others take your advice and follow your example to create other kidical mass rides in their hometowns. Spread the good word. :)

    • simplybike says:

      Thanks, Dottie, and thanks for the Twitter shout out too! I’d love to see more people do this in their home towns, it’s been such a rewarding activity and one I hope will become a staple in our community here.


  4. Stacy says:

    S~ As I was filling in this quiet evening and rolling through your blog the yellow swing set struck me. We grew up with this exact set. The metal bucket infant swings, the arch, the color, the everything. I always thought it was unique and am very happy to know another exist and is still being used.

    This is also a good reminder that it has been too long since I organized a KM around here! Thanks.

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