a fall bike date {bobbie & paul}

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 Today’s bike date comes from Bobbie: cyclist, runner, and mama extraordinaire. Bobbie’s getting ready to run her fist marathon this fall (I’ll be there to cheer!), and when she’s not putting running shoe to the pavement, she can be found cycling around town with her adorable son in tow (read her review of her bike trailer system here). 


September is a big birthday month for us. My in-laws came into town the weekend after Paul’s birthday, so as soon as our one-year-old went down for a nap, I unhooked the trailer from my bike and we took off.

Our college town is broken up so that the campus town area is basically its own little town in itself. And since we’re no longer students, we hardly ever get over there.

We stopped off for some coffee and a bite to eat before making our way back home.

I don’t have much more to say about our bike date. It was just a perfect day out for taking the longer route through campus. When you have kids, the simple things become more important. Like being able to bike with your husband, sans trailer, and the simple pleasure of drinking my coffee at my leisure without trying to keep it out of a tiny arm’s reach :)


Ain’t that the truth! Thanks, Bobbie, for sharing your bike date with us! More bike dates from around the US, Canada, and Europe here. Have a bike date to share? Contact me for details!

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2 Responses to a fall bike date {bobbie & paul}

  1. Loved seeing photos of campus! It’s so lovely in the fall. Was that a latte at Stomping Grounds? Best coffee house.

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