flying with baby: a little in-flight entertainment tip

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Last week’s flight to Portland was my first solo flight with the little one. I had some trepidations about how it would go and I wanted to be well prepared to keep her entertained and content. In addition to packing plenty of finger foods and some new-to-her toys, I also borrowed this idea from Bliss of Around the World with a Two Year Old.

I remembered seeing a post in which she used painter’s tape to create in-flight entertainment for her son. C. was too young for us to try this trick on our previous flights but it worked really well on this one (she’s just over a year old now). She loved pulling the tape off, sticking it on her arms, and making a game of me “stealing” it from her and sticking it back on the tray table. Such a simple and inexpensive idea that proved much more successful than a handful of the toys I had also brought along.

Since it worked so well, I wanted to share the tip with you all, fellow traveling parents. Any tricks you employ to keep your little ones happy on a flight? Please share in the comments below! We have at least two more flights coming up before the year is over, so I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Wow, this is ridiculously brilliant. I only wish my kids weren’t now too old for it. I could have saved the people in the row in front of us many, many kicks to the butt.

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