tips for making family cycling a part of your routine

High Trestle Trail Ride in Iowa

Today on, I’m writing about family cycling and how you can make bike rides with your little ones a part of your routine! Although I bet that most of the people reading my blog are already seasoned cyclists, if you’re out there just looking for information and inspiration on getting started, here’s a post for you!

If it’s been ages since you’ve been on a bike but are eager to give it a try (and with your children along for the ride), stop by and read my post today!

And just out of curiosity, are any of you new to cycling or rediscovering cycling after a long hiatus? Are you here because you’re looking for tips and information on where to begin? If so, what are your questions and concerns? Leave a comment here or on and I will try my best to answer it!

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2 Responses to tips for making family cycling a part of your routine

  1. Jes says:

    Great tips! We ride with our tot a lot, and he asks for a quick spin around the block everyday when we get home from work by asking for his “bi” (bike) and “hat” (helmet) – it’s great to get them started early. We started slow though, like you suggest!

  2. Great advice, especially the tip regarding making sure you have the right size of bike. I would stress the importance of making sure the kids have the right size of bike too once they start pedaling by themselves. It makes for a much happier ride for everyone.

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