travel with kids: child friendly café in munich, germany

{image course: Vits}

Lingering at cafe tables, sipping lattes, and perhaps writing in a Moleskine or reading a newspaper is just about as cliché as it gets.  Yet it still fulfills many of our travel fantasies: a relaxed morning, good coffe, time to people watch and unwind. Add a one-year-old to the mix and fulfilling that travel fantasy become much harder. For one, European cafés are often crowded, intimate, and lacking in toddler or stroller space. Finding a café that is airy, spaceous, and welcoming of children is thus truly a gem to be appreciated. And to be shared with every other parent looking to escape with a quick cup of coffee in the city.

In this case, the city is Munich and the café is Vits. Located just south of the Isartor, it’s easily accesible by public transport or on foot and its wide open doors beckon to a friendly and comfortable atmosphere suitable to adults and children alike. A back corner filled with pillows, bench seating, and – this made our day! – toys allows parents to sip delicious coffees while the little ones play. Their meal selection is fresh, varied, and with plenty of vegetarian options.

We loved our time at this café and I would heartily recommend it to families traveling with children to Munich.

IMG_5830 IMG_5829
IMG_5825 IMG_5826
IMG_5824 IMG_5822

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5 Responses to travel with kids: child friendly café in munich, germany

  1. Liz H. says:

    That looks so lovely. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Ola says:

    I’ll be in Munich in two weeks, I’ll visit with my one-year-old son! Thank you!!

    • simplybike says:

      Yay, Ola, than this was just in time! Have a lovely time in one of my favorite cities ever!


      • Open says:

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  3. Christina says:

    I love these photos! Of course, they make me homesick too :-) I found during our last visit this past summer, most German restaurants and cafes were fairly child friendly. It’s great you have a spot to go that you know will work out well for each time you make it back over.

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