hazel’s first bike ride

Miss Sarah just posted this adorable video on her site and I couldn’t help sharing it here too. This is Hazel’s first bike ride, in an iBert, looking much like how I imagine C. looks while riding along. I wish I had a way of taping C. in her seat like this, I’d love to see her little face while riding around town. Anyone have any tips on handlebar mountings for a camera? :)

{video source}

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3 Responses to hazel’s first bike ride

  1. neuromusic says:

    The GoPro would be an obvious (but dedicated) choice… this is exactly the kind of thing its made for.

    Otherwise, it might be easier to do a smartphone bike bar mount, like this one: http://www.rei.com/product/842939/lifeproof-bike-bar-mount-iphone-44s-case

  2. Suki says:

    Hi there!

    My colleague Linda loves your blog and she pointed out that you were looking for a way to mount a camera to your bicycle…and as our company makes a product perfect for that I thought I’d get in touch to see if you’d like to try it out :)

    It’s called sugru and it’s a hand mouldable self setting rubber that bonds to loads of different materials, and is great for this particular use (plus it’s kind of fun!)

    Here’s an example: sugru.com/gallery/show/mount-a-camera-and-a-computer-to-your-bikes-handlebars

    There are a bunch of other cycling uses for sugru too: sugru.com/gallery/filter/cycling

    Anyway, we just thought you might find it handy for this particular design problem – do get in touch if you have any questions :)

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