happy weekend {and some link love}

Detour on the way home. Happiness.

At the park. #mamaseyeview Matching florals today.

Weekends at the lake. The messiest and the happiest room in our house.

Life right now: busy, colorful, chaotic, exciting, eventful, rewarding. Our days are packed with activities, bike rides, friends, park outings, and all things wonderful about late summer.

In addition to playing mama and cyclist, I’ve also taken on new writing projects including a contributing writer role for Untapped Cities and an editor position with Flyover Feminism.

On the bike front, I’m happily planning our town’s first Kidical Mass ride with plenty of help from enthusiastic friends and fellow cycling parents. Our first ride is coming up in September and I can’t wait to see everyone come out with kids and bikes and picnic goodies galore. I will write more about planning and starting a Kidical Mass ride as well as a report on how our first one went.

There is so much to do and so little time in the day! But I wouldn’t want it any other way. This weekend: we’re cleaning our much neglected home, celebrating a wedding and a birthday, making our Kidical Mass flyers (with the help of talented little artists), and, as always, taking the dog swimming at the lake.

How about you? What’s in store for you this weekend?

Wherever this finds you, hope it’s a good one! xo S.


Some fun reading for you this weekend:

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