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Last week we met up for a family bike date*. This means that C. and I biked to a local restaurant where T. met us by bike on his way home from work. We leaned our bikes agains the patio fence, grabbed a shaded table, and had a lovely outdoor meal. Afterwards, we took the long way home, stopping at the horse stables near campus for some impromptu adventuring.

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We biked home together, enjoying the sounds of the city as we pedaled through campus, our neighboorhood, and finally, unto our driveway. C. was exhausted and ready for bed by the time we parked our bikes. Although she can fall asleep in the iBert, for the most part there is just too much to see and take in, so she fights sleep and instead points to everything around her while I provide the words to narrate our experience.


I hope we can do this more often before winter comes. While we don’t get a lot of solo dates these days, it’s nice to remember that family dates – especially when on bike and spontaneously planned – are a lot of fun too.

Do you go on “bike dates” with your kids? What are your favorite destinations?

*I should add that my definition of a family bike date is an outing for the simple pleasure of enjoying time together and sharing a meal, an experience, or an event. While running errands by bike together is great, that’s not what I have in mind when thinking of a bike date. Like a proper date, I want it to be a break for the daily routine of things. I want that chance to pause, to enjoy the moment, and to savor the time spent together just for fun.

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5 Responses to a family bike date

  1. T. says:

    I love that you have books checked out of the library for C! (As seen in the photo of your husband with her.)

    • simplybike says:

      But of course! :) She’s our budding reader in the family :)

      • T. says:

        I do enjoy my e-reader, but I am a print book lover at heart. I have a master’s degree in library science, from many years ago before they even taught internet classes, but it was the cusp of the information revolution. I remember one class assignment where we had to write down in what situations e-books (or books on CD-ROM as the case was then) would not be preferable to print, and one genius classmate wrote down “Pat the Bunny, because you can’t pat the bunny.” Oh, how I wished that had been my answer!! I think about that a lot lately. My 12 year old daughter has her own Kindle, but in my opinion the tactile experience of a real book with pages is so important to young children, even if those pages sometimes get crumpled or ripped out!

  2. Karen says:

    What a lovely idea – we spend so much time biking for a purpose (school, nursery, shopping etc) that we forget that initial love we had with the bike. Your blog has made me realise we need to reintroduce that excitement every so often. Thanks!

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