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Warning! This post makes no mystery of whom I support in the 2012 presidential election. In fact, this post may be trying to sway you via subliminal messages by showing you photos of cute babies intermixed with photos of said presidential candidate. If this conflicts with your views, please close your browser window now. Otherwise, read on, dear friend…

President Obama came to Iowa! And you can be certain that we were there, front and center. Well, not quite, since we had a stroller, baby toys, and diaper accoutrements to wrestle through the crowds, but we were as close as we could get. My friend Bobbie joined us with her baby, T., and we spotted a few more familiar faces in the crowd. We stood in line for tickets at our local Democrats office on Saturday but the event was free and small enough that we got pretty close to the pavilion where the president was speaking.

It was really exciting to get to hear him deliver a speech in person and we loved sharing this moment with C., who may be too young to remember it but who will certainly hear lots of stories about how she got to see the president.

The crowd was ecstatic and, at one point, started cheering with shouts of “four more years, four more years.” Here’s to hoping! Obama 2012!

(Obama surfs? And: it must be said that the babies were excited to see the president but even more excited to see their toys. Go figure.)

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9 Responses to obama 2012

  1. Susan says:

    So cute! I love seeing children at political events. I used to see the cutest kiddos dancing at Occupy Wall St. Your daughter is truly lucky to be introduced to politics at such an early age.

  2. T. says:

    That’s awesome. He’s been to my town several times during his presidency, but there’s always been some reason I couldn’t attend. Glad you got to go!

  3. I miss Iowa during election season! I once heard a farmer say, “You can’t swing a cow by it’s tail without hitting a candidate here.” Such a cool experience. So glad you got to enjoy!

  4. jane w. says:

    Four more years–God willing!!!! Love the photo of T. holding C. up so that she can get a view!

  5. Bobbie says:

    The conversation in the last picture between the babies goes something like this:
    C: “Did you see Obama? He’s the president!”
    T: “Girl, I really only care about this cool ball your mom just gave me.”

  6. Alexandra says:

    this post made me so happy for so many reasons. I work for the campaign in Florida and I smiled when I saw you had a red ticket haha. I’m glad you enjoyed the President, try to get as many friends as you can to volunteer and let’s get 4 more years!

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