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I love this recent NPR story with the accompanying infographics on Olympic athletes’ bodies and how they’ve changed over time as well as how they differ according to sport. Fascinating! Runners alone display such a broad range of body types according to the distance of their race. T. and I have been glued to our TV each night, watching the games and discussing our favorite sports and athletes.

Besides delighting in the accomplishments of young gymnast Gabby Douglas, who trains right here in our nook of the state, we’ve cheered for the Romanian Cătălina Ponor, the Russian Alyia Mustafina (both of them being superbly talented and graceful), and I’ve developed – along with the rest of the US – a huge crush on swimmer Missy Franklin. I also loved watching double amputee Oscar Pistorius race, soaring across the track in a symbol of both courage and defiance.

What about you? Who are your favorites? Are you as addicted to the Olympic Games as we are?

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  1. Nadine says:

    I’m loving the Olympics! I’m a dance teacher, so not only do I get to feel so NORMAL, seeing all these muscular, small-busted, non-hourglass women; but it’s also a total fashion show for me with all the swimsuits, leotards and one-pieces on display, not to mention the wide selection of practical hairstyles! My absolute fave event to watch is the synchronised diving, but I love to watch all the diving, gymnastics, and track sprints. I was so excited to find out that you and Gabby Douglas are from the same town – say hi to her from New Zealand! ;) Being a New Zealander I’ve watched a lot of rowing too. Go the Kiwis!

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