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I think it’s safe to say that C. enjoys riding a bike with mama. Since being home, we’ve taken the iBert bike seat out more often, still sticking to trails close to home until I get more comfortable with riding with a baby and venturing into more traffic heavy areas. We often stop at a playground and hit the swings and, while we ride, I narrate as much of our surroundings as possible so that she can hear my voice and listen to the names of things in my native Romanian.

The smile of her face in the above photos perfectly mirrow how these mother-daughter bike rides make me feel. I never want her to outgrow that bike seat.




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7 Responses to biking with baby

  1. Casey says:

    YAY! We loved the ibert seat so much. It’s perfect for this age! I love that C loves it so much. May this be the beginning of many many bike adventures together!

  2. S. says:

    Well that answers my twitter questions ;) How long were you able to use the iBert with Roozle before she outgrew it? It’s definitely awesome and I love how I get to talk to her while we ride and she’s right there.


    • Idayannae says:

      Woohoo! Well done! We have a neighborhood bike ride April-October. Only pbeolrm: In the summer they’re always scheduled for holiday weekends so we haven’t made one since June. Our son asks about when we’ll go on another family bike ride. I love the Kidical Mass idea you’re giving me some ideas!

  3. Casey says:

    We used it until she was 2. MCB misses it and loved it. Riley got too tall and moved around a lot, so it was tricky. Plus I am so short, I was never able to put it on my bike, so we got the Bobike Maxi at that point and a Burley trailer. We will use both for years, but the trailer is definitely Riley’s favorite.

    You are just at the beginning of many awesome bike adventures with C! The ibert is awesome, but having Ry in the back of the trailer, singing and chatting with toys and snacks and books is totally awesome too.

  4. anniebikes says:

    So nice to see you and baby out on the trails again. I’m glad you found a child seat that worked for you and little C…for now!

  5. cb says:

    it is soo inspiring to hear about your rides with c. i think it is great that you are taking baby steps and then move into the streets. i can’t wait to hear more about your experience!

  6. Michael says:

    Just checking in after being away for ages… and I’m so happy to see your beautiful daughter!! Blessings to her and to your happy family from California!

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