prague, from our hotel window

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On our first night in Prague, we threw open the large picture windows in our hotel, cracked open a cold can of Pilsner Urquell, and while C. slept blissfully in her travel bed tucked in the far corner of our room, we perched on the windowsill of our third floor room and took in the city below. This is what we saw.

What we heard were voices mingling with the sounds of live music from street performers, the clinking of glasses as people drank and ate at the cafe in the square below us, and the steady buzz of a city not about to go to sleep. It was intoxicating, I couldn’t pull myself away to go to bed. We stayed up much longer than usual, talking, people watching, sipping our shared beer.

We perched our camera on the windowstill, propping it against some books, letting it record and do for us what we wanted our minds so desperately to do: take in every movement and every sound, tucking it away for later, for when we’d be at home and far away from this magical city and longing for a reminder of those blissful few days spent in Prague.

Prague from our hotel window Prague from our hotel window

As you can see, our location in Prague was amazing. We woke up, enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the hotel, and then stepped outside and were right in the heart of the Old Town Square. We were just around the corner of the Old Astronomical Clock and a few minutes walk from Charles Bridge. The advantage to staying so close to everything was that we could walk back to our hotel any time we needed something and that we could return for C. to take a nap in her bed without being forced to negotiate a long commute back to our lodgings. When traveling with baby, this made a big difference.

Another advantage to this kind of location was that we could still enjoy the city while putting C. to bed at a reasonable hour. Amazingly, she slept through the sounds of the city below us even with the windows wide open. And so, we were able to honor her bedtime without feeling like we were missing out on Prague at night. While others sipped their wines at the cafe tables below our window, taking in the street bands and the views of the square, we delighted in much the same atmosphere from our hotel window above.

Prague from our hotel window Travel with children

The logistics:


We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Rott. The location was amazing, the staff was wonderful, and the breakfast each morning was superb. Additionally, it offered one of the most comfortable beds we enjoyed on this trip and our room had a long entry hallway in which we were able to set up C’s travel bed, keeping her somewhat out of earshot of our talking and moving.


Hotel Rott would usually be out of our price range but we were able to afford our room there (in July nonetheless!) because we booked as far in advance as possible (in February already). We used and chose the option that does not allow for a refund. Paying 100% in advance with no refund back in February for a July stay reduced the price by 50%.


As stated, the location was amazing. I had worried about being in such a busy place with a small child and whether the noise would keep her awake at night, but fortunately, we had no such problems. As a general rule, by the end of our busy and activity-filled days, C. was more than happy to crash and fall into a deep sleep. The proximity to the city center also made it easier for us to enjoy our surroundings in small windows of time between naps and bedtime. Rather than having to lose time on a longer commute, we could simply walk out of the hotel and into the heart of things, take an hour or two for eating/people watching/sight seeing, and then return to the hotel for C’s bathtime and bedtime without any time lost on getting to and from places.

Overall rating:

I would give Hotel Rott a five out of five on my “mommy scale” of child-friendly places to stay in Europe. Not only did we love it, but it was perfect for C. as well. The hotel offered a child’s crib that we declined (preferring to use our same bed for her at every stop), had highchairs in the breakfast dining area (not always a guarantee in Eastern Europe), had some of the friendliest staff we encountered on our trip, and had an elevator (added to the old historic building) that made getting to our floor with a stroller easy. (And we also had free wifi, allowing us to catch up on emails, news, and Instagram while C. napped).


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{Music in the video: “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson}

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