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SF Coffee is SF

I was thrilled when during our recent trip to San Francisco one of my favorite bloggers and self-professed coffee junkie, Meligrosa, offered to let me in on where the locals get their food and coffee fix in the city. Meli was a sweetheart and put together a wonderful list for me and I just thought it too selfish not to share. So if you’re heading to the Bay Area and want an insider’s guide to the great food and coffee spots in the city, save a copy of the list below. Thanks, Meli!

*Check out more of Meli’s wonderful insights into the city on her gorgeous (bikes & coffee) blog, Bikes and the City.


/ferry bldg: peets (west coast chain) blue bottle <3

/North beach: cafe trieste, caffe cappricio (check out citizen chain!). Greco+molinaris so happy I’ve checkd them. Awesome Italian-American fam style food: sodinis

/soma: blue bottle on 5th @mint plaza or SFmoma’s roof if u go inside.
YBCA gardens are great. Epicenter, Sightglass on 7th (ull luv the space).

/union square: rullis (touristy but ok), Farm table on post near leavenworth (tiny +awesome)

/Mission: dynamo donuts+ coffee on 24th, sugarlump, four barrel on valencia is super good. grand coffee on mission.
Fun Indian inexpensive: udupi palace
Delfina pizza. Tartine is a must.

Fancy dinner: nopa on divisadero +Hayes.

Best brunch or sandwiches in outer sunset near the beach: outerlands (could be long wait but worth it) trouble coffee <3
Beer near the beach: beach chalet +back garden

Near ggbridge: warming hut best spot for fotos +little national park souvenirs. Coffee not bad at all

Can’t leave without checking out patricia’s green in Hayes valley – total local hangout: new ice cream place, new beer German garden, ritual coffee and a new burning man steel sculpture. And the classics blue bottle kiosk on linden, paxties Chicago style pizza, momi tobys, and Suppenküche.


Caffe Greco Caffe Greco

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6 Responses to travel tips: good eats and great coffee in san francisco

  1. cb says:

    blue bottle is my favorite! but i also love ritual which is in the mission and in hayes valley. i have been wanting to go t outerlands for sooo long but still have not made it out there. i have had their bread that they bake fresh every day and it is AMAZING! nopa is really awesome too. she has some great places!

  2. dickdavid says:

    PERFECT! My wife and I were JUST talking about planning next year’s vacation to San Francisco. We both agree that we want to do more ‘local’ and less touristy stuff.

    I’ll be referring back to this list for sure.

  3. Sarah G. says:

    Udupi Palace has a location in Berkeley too, and it is our favorite place to get Indian food! It’s also vegetarian, which is great for my mostly-veggie husband.

  4. DM says:

    Great list. I love Blue Bottle too — and I looove the Ferry Building. It’s really kid-friendly too. If you like Mexican food, my fave. Mexican restaurant in SF is Colibri, on Geary St.
    Look for a job in the Bay Area/Northern CA, S.!

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