C and her papa in Prague Prague
Extras standing around for a film shoot in the old town square of Prague Train ride from Prague to Vienna

We’ve traveled to three more countries and numerous cities since my last post before arriving to where we are now: home. I have truly had a crash course in traveling with a child; picking up and packing every three or four nights, moving from hotel to hotel, from apartment to apartment, changing cities, landscapes, and train routes mutiple times a week. It has been a trying yet exhilarating time for us and the thing I am most grateful for is not the thrill of the trip but the amount of time we have all gotten to spend together as a family. Long, uninterrupted days to just be together, have fun, work through the challenges of traveling as a family, and finding a rhythm in the chaos of so much newness every day.

Even though we were ready to come home by the end of it, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

On our way to our hotel in Prague Vienna as seen from the Riesenrad
Beautiful bikes in Munich SBahn in Vienna

Now that we’re home, we’re facing new challenges and need to find our rhythm all over again. As readers with children know, change is a constant. Rhythms are always being disrupted and one is constantly adapting to what new stages of development bring. Travel aside, we would likely still be transitioning into a new stage just about now as C. is approaching her first birthday.

Besides figuring out life with an increasingly active, self-aware, and picky-eater toddler, I’m going to make a concerted effort to put together a book with a good friend of mine. This book of ours has been in the works for a couple of years now, but has always been prone to falling to the wayside as work, parenting, dissertating, and health issues have been of primary concern. This fall, I’m making the book my writing priority.

I do plan on writing more about the lessons learned on the road this summer, adding a packing post or two, and putting together more posts on bilingual parenting and biking as a family. Just be patient with me, it’s all coming as soon as I get a spoonful of food into this child of mine and have her first birthday party organized. And my bags unpacked.

C and her papa looking out of our hotel window in Prague Happy baby

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3 Responses to home

  1. Robina says:

    I will definitely look forward to your ruminations on this. I am deeply, deeply jealous even though I am also not naive about the challenges of traveling like this with an infant! I grew up going back and forth between Brooklyn and Lahore, always making many stops along the way; my husband and I traveled endlessly pre-kids as well. But we haven’t traveled much yet with ur two kids, mainly because of finances, and that is hugely depressing to me.

    Anyway, lovely pictures!

    Also, hi! I am a fellow bilingual, Dr. Mom who is now pursuing other things. A friend of mine thought I might like your blog and I am definitely enjoying it!

  2. Marie says:

    I have really enjoyed seeing the updates on your trip here and on Twitter. It truly has been inspiring to watch your family take such a long and complex trip with a small child. I love to travel but have not been able to do it much in the past several years because of money issues. Although I am not a mother, I do want children some day, and it always causes me anxiety to think that I may have to give up travel once I do have kids. You’ve made me realize that traveling with kids can – and should – be done! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.

  3. julia says:

    Welcome back home!! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Have been loving your pics that you’ve posted so far. Sounds like you have your hands full, unpacking, birthday-party planning and all. The picky-eater toddler phase was such a pain, even though I totally expected it to happen. But it is so unnerving for a mother to see her baby go from eating anything offered to him to eating NOTHING at all (nothing but his bottle of course). Gah! He’s 2 now and still picky, but better.
    Anyway, so take your time putting up new posts. We’ll all be here. Love your blog! And I’ve been meaning to participate in the bilingual parenting posts – just haven’t gotten round to it (got my hands full with a 2 yr old and a 4 month old). But I plan to soon!

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