biking with kids: a family bike ride to jazz in the park

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I’m thrilled to be contributing to Simply Bike today! Reading Simply Bike has been such an inspiration in getting my biking groove back over the past few months.

When my son started riding his bike a few months ago, my husband I decided that it was time to drag our bikes out of the back of the garage, dust off the cobwebs and start seeing our neighborhood and our city on two wheels. We had all but retired our bikes when our son was born nearly five years ago, finding many excuses not to ride during my “childbearing” years. Our daughter is nearly two now and comfortably rides in a bike trailer.

Now we take near daily bike rides around our neighborhood. The three of us saddle up on our bikes and our daughter rides in a great used Burley bike trailer. Some days we ride to the gelato place, some days we ride to the park and some days we just ride up and down our neighborhood’s tree-lined streets.

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On Sundays, we pack a picnic in the Burley and ride a bit further to City Park Jazz, a great community event in one of the Denver’s best parks. On this particular Sunday, we packed a quiche with kale from our garden, grapes, carrots, cheese and crackers and lots of liquids and enjoyed the concert from a new spot in the park where there was enough room for my son and husband to kick the soccer ball around.

struckman jazz

struckman picnic

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City Park Jazz attracts thousands of Denverites from around the city each week. Its popularity also invites heavy traffic to an area with limited parking. Riding our bikes the two miles to the park makes the whole experience less stressful than driving to park the car and walk a significant distance to the event.

Although the ride home is all uphill and my son rides a one-gear bike, we usually have such a high from the event that he doesn’t seem to mind the heat or the hill.

We live in a physically active area of Denver, with wide and shaded streets. It’s an ideal place for young riders to learn the rules of the road. With two young kids, we are looking forward to many more years of family bikes rides and eventually venturing outside of our neighborhood to new and exciting bike-friendly events around the city!

struckman cheers

What we ride:

She rides a Cannondale

He rides a Trek

Mini-he rides a XX, purchased used from the Bike Depot.

Mini-she rides in a Burely bike trailer, purchased used from a neighbor.


Thanks, Sara, for sharing your family’s bike ride to jazz in the park with us! What a lovely way to spend time as a family, enjoy good food and good music, and set the example of green and healthy living! 

If you’d like to follow Sara on her adventures (biking and otherwise), you can find more of her writing on her blog, Life’s a Bear


More posts on biking with kids here. Are you a cycling family? Want to share your story? Contact me!

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3 Responses to biking with kids: a family bike ride to jazz in the park

  1. Looks like a lovely outing. Our first attempt at a picnic-dinner-by-bike at a public event with our 11-month-old didn’t work out so well. He was too distracted by the crowd to eat much dinner and very unhappy in the trailer on the way home. We’re planning more outings soon, now that we have an iBert, which he likes much better than the trailer.

  2. Dottie says:

    I love that they bike together almost every day, whether to a nearby place or simply around the neighborhood for the fun of it. Interesting to hear about bicycling with children in Denver. Beautiful city!

  3. Whoops! Mini-he rides a Haro. I’m not sure it’s even a kids’ bike, but it fits him well :). Our kids never eat much on these outings – too much to see and do!

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