travel with kids: why i travel with my child too young to remember the trip

The following is an excerpt from my recent post on regarding travel with a child too young to later remember the experience. Here are my thoughts on why I still cherish this journey and believe in the value it nonetheless holds for our daughter:

{T. and a ten-months-old C. hiking to Minihaha Falls near Lake Labun, Georgia.}

Why travel with a baby, many ask. Too young to remember the trip and necessitating a host of adjustments to an adult itinerary; the work required to take them along will outweigh the benefits. So, at least, goes the travel advice on many of the websites I consulted before embarking on our journey.

Many of those sites went on to recommend waiting to travel internationally until children are older and can “benefit” from the trip. Some suggest leaving young children and babies with relatives and enjoying exotic vacations as a couple. These options, however, were not for us. In part because our trip is intended for our daughter to meet her Romanian side of her family and for her relatives in Romania to finally meet her. Familial obligations aside, I still had no desire to embark on a summer-long journey without my daughter.

As much as traveling with a small child presents additional challenges and restrictions, it also provides our family with a chance to spend some much desired quality time together, away from a work schedule, and with little to do but discover parts of the world otherwise unavailable to us together; as a family of three.

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  1. ridon says:

    i totally agree with you. my mom took me to her homeland as a baby to introduce me to her family. our family was reunited 18 years later. i obviously didn’t remember anything, but my relatives did and i cherished those pictures in the years between our reunion.

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