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 {taken on a recent walk}

It’s May! This is going to be an exciting and eventful month for us, so just a heads up if I disappear sporadically or am slow to answer comments and emails. This month:

  • T. graduates with his PhD and we host a small party at our place
  • I defend my dissertation and graduate with my PhD (in a city ca. 6-7 hrs from us)
  • We drive with our dog and baby to said city of my defense/graduation
  • We prepare for our summer of travel with a baby
  • We get our home ready for our summer tenant, who’s also kindly keeping our dog for us
  • We try to tie off a zillion loose ends before we take off, surely forgetting about half of what needs to be done
Before I dive into those various projects and to-do lists, here are some announcements:


First, I’d like to welcome Office Crush, our newest sponsor here! Office Crush is a “like an old timey newspaper serial, except in blog format” according to author Shalini. I’m happy to support such a unique and creative endeavor by a fellow writer and mother. A part of my dissertation research was devoted to women’s writing from the nineteenth century, which, due to the impenetrable nature of the male-dominated nineteenth-century publishing industry, was often featured in women’s magazines in serial installments. It’s fun to see how the democratization of publishing through the internet and social media is changing the literary world and making it possible for writers to gain an audience in new and unique ways. I hope you stop by Office Crush and take a look at Shalini’s work, which you can find more of on her personal blog as well.
And speaking of writing, I’m excited to be starting a blog titled “Local Customs” for Mothering.com in the next week!  The goal is to reflect on how we’ll be navigating different cultures and international travel with a baby while also aiming to honor our parenting practices from home. I look forward to chronicling that journey and will post more details on where to find the blog soon.

And if you are a regualr reader, you might be like to know that you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin!


Last, I was honored to hear that Simply Bike was nominated as a Circle of Moms “Top 25 Outdoorsy Moms” blog last month. It’s always nice to have one’s work noticed and acknowledged and I’m particularly happy to be selected among so many other wonderful blogs authored by women who share so many of my passions: being outside, getting fit, cycling, hiking, playing outdoors, and respecting nature and what this beautiful world has to offer. I chose not to ask for votes this time around (as I did when my blog was nominated and selected as one of the Top 25 Cycling Families Blogs). Primarily because I’d like this space to remain about me writing and sharing what’s important to me without bombarding you, the reader, to visit other sites and to click on links and to cast votes my way. I’m honored to be included in the round-up and you can vote for my blog, should you want to, but I’m also happy to just let this one go.

I recently came across this post on Zen Habits and am reminded of it as I write about this now. The author writes about our culture’s obsession with not wanting to miss out on anything and trying so hard to do it all; a trap I’ve fallen into more times than I’d like to say. Part of becoming a parent and taking on more responsibilities has forced me to pick and choose the things to focus on and the things to just let go. The internet is especially dangerous when it comes to pushing that fast-paced do-it-all mentality and even though I love blogging, sharing news on Twitter, and being plugged in to social media in a variety of ways, I’m also trying to be mindful of how to use that time wisely and how to not get caught in a do-it-all pattern. My daily mentras: be mindful, slow down, do less but do it well, enjoy the moment, laugh.


I hope that May is an exciting and fruitful month for you as well! Thank you for reading and sharing our adventures with us. ~ S.

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4 Responses to hey hey may

  1. Christina says:

    I enjoy the Zen Habits blog/site as well. I’m a firm believer in not multi-tasking and making things as simple and streamlined as possible. Of course, being a mom, that is sometimes so hard to achieve! I’ve also been learning how to say “no” to friends/family better, that comes easier as one gets older. I used to feel I had to please everyone and then do everything they all wanted to do. So frazzling.

    Looking forward to your Europe adventures this summer! Maybe we’ll cross paths by chance over there on some cobblestone street. We’ll be the family trying to not look like tourists but probably will and with a whiny tired child covered in chocolate and ice cream, begging to look for stores that sell toys. Making memories … :-)

  2. D Nelson says:

    Breathing, smiling while peddling; you’re a energetic promoter! I’ve spent quite some time cycling Europe and wish you happiness and good fortune.

    A clip which joyously advocates cycling for all ages, mostly recorded in Amsterdam, “why cycle!: or “go ride a bike” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou1AvKDicxA

  3. M says:

    How exciting! I’m writing my diss about religious publishing and women readers (and some writers), what a coincidence. Happy graduation to you and T–a momentous month, indeed!

  4. Ola says:

    Well, a May to rememeber! Congratulations Doctor Mama and Doctor Papa!

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